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Fed delayed rate hike but claimed to “keep its options open”

Maybe We Won't Have to "End The Fed"--Maybe it Will End On It's Own, Under the Weight of its Own Lies, Fraud and Declining Power. [courtesy Google Images]

Maybe We Won’t Have to “End The Fed”–Maybe it Will End On It’s Own, Under the Weight of its Own Lies, Fraud and Declining Power.
[courtesy Google Images]

I wrote the following article in June just after the Federal Reserve announced that it would not raise interest rates.  It wouldn’t been more timely, if I’d published then.  But, it was lost in the piles.  However, even though the article is late, there’s still an insight to be gained from reading it.


In June, the Federal Reserve declined to raise interest rates.  In response, Yahoo Finance reported:


The Federal Reserve pushed back its plans to raise its benchmark short-term interest rate, a widely expected move following a series of mixed US economic reports.

After a two-day policy meeting, the Federal Open Market Committee unanimously voted to hold the federal funds rate between 0.25% and 0.50%, citing weakness in recent employment data.”


That “weakness” was a surprising jobs report that, although economists had generally expected about 162,000 new jobs to be created in May, only 38,000 jobs were actually created—”the lowest level in six years.”

Although the unemployment rate has declined, job gains have diminished,” the central bank wrote in its statement.

Say whut?

Does it make sense that the “unemployment rate declined” at the same time that the number of “jobs gains diminished” from an expected 162,000 to just 38,000? I won’t say that’s impossible, but it seems odd that, even though expected “job gains” fell by 76% (from 162,000 to an actual 38,000), the unemployment rate nevertheless continued to decline.

If the unemployment rate really declined, it sounds more like 124,000 people (who were expected to get new jobs but didn’t) simply “disappeared” from the unemployment rolls. They didn’t get jobs. Instead, they were simply deleted from unemployment calculations.

Result? Unemployment rates fell mathematically, but not actually.

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Robot Wars

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

“The Terminator” was an A.D. 1984 film starring “Ah-nolt” Schwarzenegger as a robot sent back in time to kill a particular person.  I thought the movie was cool, and I liked at least one of the four “Terminator” films that were subsequently spun off from the original.  Even so, the idea that robots might come to challenge mankind’s earthly supremacy seemed so technologically far-fetched that I didn’t expect to a conflict with robots in my lifetime.

Silly me.

Here we are, 31-years later, and it appears robots are present and already challenging mankind for commercial supremacy. They’re competing with us for our jobs–and they’re winning.

What I didn’t think I’d live to see 31 years ago, is already happening.  Ohh, we’re not fighting with robots just yet.  But, as you’ll see, that’s coming a lot faster than I ever expected.  For now, robots are only taking our jobs.

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