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Extraordinary Interview with George Soros

George Soros [courtesy Google Images]

George Soros
[courtesy Google Images]

George Soros is an 86-year old Hungarian multi-billionaire.  Somewhat like the “Goldfinger” character in the A.D. 1964 James Bond movie, Soros is determined to destroy The United States of America.   Soros strikes me an an ugly and wicked old man.  I’ve wondered for years why some “lone gunman” hasn’t whacked him.

Here’s an extraordinary video of a Soros interview where we can see that he’s become so feeble, shaky and almost incoherent that he’s likely to die or become completely incapacitated even before crooked Hillary.  I can’t say I’m displeased.

In any case, Soros has apparently lost his capacity for discretion and therefore made some extraordinary admissions during his interview.

For example, he said:


•  “We have discovered the Achilles heel of western civilization.”


Why would Soros gloat over that discovery if he didn’t intend to destroy “western civilization”?  Of what use could an “Achilles Heel” be if not as a means to destroy an adversary?

What is the “western civilization” that Soros seeks to destroy?

At it’s foundation, “western civilization” is Christendom.  It’s a civilization, culture and system of values that’s fundamentally based on the Christian faith.  Soros is apparently at war with Christianity and the Christ.
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Brexit: What Happened?

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

The European Union (EU) traces its origins back to the European Coal and Steel Community and the European Economic Community (EEC), formed by the Inner Six countries of Europe in 1951 and 1958, respectively.

The “Brexit” (Britain’s exit from the EU) is a political movement that’s sputtered along ever since the United Kingdom joined the precursor of the European Union (EU) in 1973.

After 43 years without success, no one gave the Brexit movement much chance of winning the recent referendum.

Nevertheless, English and EU politicians warned of economic catastrophe if “Brexit” succeeded and even begged the English people to vote against Brexit.

Jo Cox, an MP (Member of England’s Parliament), fought against the Brexit movement and was assassinated by an apparent Brexit supporter. English sympathy shifted from pro-Brexit towards anti-Brexit.

The odds-makers predicted that the Brexit movement would fail.

The pollsters predicted that the Brexit movement would fail.

Cynics predicted that even if the Brexit movement won the referendum, the Powers That Be would still steal the election.

They were all wrong.

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Dance of the Snake Charmer


“Angela Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor, is viewed by most Germans as the person primarily responsible for killing their heritage, culture, and people– by knowingly importing non-refugee “refugees” (able-bodied young Muslim men, not women and children) – who are wreaking havoc everywhere.

“Merkel is like the “the snake charmer” who is as venomous as the snakes she’s brought into Germany who are finishing the job Hitler started.”

“The lyrics to the 1968 song, “The Snake,” sung by Al Wilson, best describes Germany’s self-destruction.

“The lyrics tell a story inspired by Aesop’s Fable of The Farmer and the Viper:

What we’re seeing in Germany, and other European countries, is the result of people who value their economy more than their nation.  Thinking they could make a fast buck by importing cheap labor from the Middle East, EU nations have risked losing their national culture and identity.  If the Muslim immigrants are allowed to stay, soon a number of EU countries will cease to be “European” and the native European people will become minorities in their own countries subject to the violence and predation of  the “religion of peace”.

Those who believe that they can invite Muslims into their country and we’ll all soon be singing Kumbayah are stupid, suicidal and/or treasonous.  See, these Muslims are serious about their faith.  Those without a strong alternative faith will be helpless to stop a Muslim invasion and takeover.  Your belief in economics is no match for the Muslim’s faith in Allah.

The Muslims carry their culture with them and have no intention of “assimilating”.  Their only intent is to invade and, ultimately, dominate their host countries.  Muslim immigrants may “play nice” for a while, but if/when they become a political majority, their religion compels them to impose their will and their faith on non-Muslim minorities.  They have no tolerance for freedom of religion for any religion other than their own.

The idiot Europeans have nearly destroyed Europe.  Don’t repeat their mistake.

For the moment, Donald Trump may be the only politician who understands and seeks to resist the Muslim threat.  I’m not saying that as a Trump supporter.  I’m saying it as an observation of how damnably “odd” it is that we can’t seem to find any other American politicians willing to protect this nation.  As bombastic as Trump may be, he seems to be the only candidate for President who is aware of and opposed to the concept of treason.



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European Bloc Balks Over “Austerity”

Parasites of the World, Unite!  You Have Nothing to Lose but the Producers Who Support You! [courtesy Google Images]

Parasites of the World, Unite! You Have Nothing to Lose but the Producers Who Support You!
[courtesy Google Images]

The New York Times reported in “Bloc in Europe Starts to Balk Over Austerity” that:


“European leaders arrived in Milan for a summit meeting . . . despite gloomy financial news this week of stock markets tumbling and borrowing costs shooting up . . . .

“In past years, the eurozone nations buckled under to German demands to slash budget deficits and roll back public services, and then watched in dismay as unemployment rates shot into the double digits and growth collapsed. Now, France, Italy and the European Central Bank (ECB) have coalesced into a bloc against Germany, and they are insisting that Berlin change course.

“The divisions between Europe’s leaders, at a moment when unity would seem critical,   is one reason the markets are rattled—as well as the fact that policy makers still have not found a tool to revive growth in the face of staggering public debt.”

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US imposes unilateral sanctions on Russia?

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

Earlier this week, the Associated Press reported in “U.S. preparing unilateral sanctions on Russia” that,


“The United States is considering imposing unilateral sanctions on Russia over its threatening moves in Ukraine, a shift in strategy that reflects the Obama administration’s frustration with Europe’s reluctance to take tougher action against Moscow, according to U.S. and European officials.

“Until now, the U.S. has insisted on hitting Russia with penalties in concert with Europe in order to maximize the impact and present a united Western front. [However,]The European Union has a far stronger economic relationship with Russia, making the 28-nation bloc’s participation key to ensuring sanctions packages have enough teeth to deter Russia.

“But those same economic ties have made Europe fearful that tougher penalties against Russia could boomerang and hurt their own economies. After weeks of inaction, the officials say the U.S. is now prepared to move forward alone if EU officials fail to enact strong sanctions during a meeting Wednesday in Brussels.”

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Nigel Farage: European Union’s similarities to former Soviet Union

EU member states

EU member states (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following video illustrates the fascism that’s coming to Europe–and, by implication, to the U.S..

The most troubling elements of this video are Nigel Farage’s complaints that the 24 people who comprise the “leadership” of the EU are unelected, self-appointed, granted lifetime immunity for anything they do, hugely overpaid, and beyond the touch or influence of the ordinary people of Europe.  While these 24 people extol the virtues of “democracy,” they are, in fact, seeking to create an aristocracy where the majority of Europeans are ruled by a handful of “aristocrats”.

Worse, when Nigel Farage makes these allegations, the 24 would-be “aristocrats” don’t appear to deny them or explain them–they just smirk.

You can see a similar smirk on the faces of Obama and various Congressmen, Senators, judges, and bureaucrats when they openly violate the Constitution.

Someone needs to wipe the smirk off their faces.

video   00:03:14


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EU: Breaking Up Is NOT Hard To Do

Various Euro bills.

Various Euro bills. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The EU may soon suffer some sort of breakup.  One or more of the “PIIGS” (Portugal, Italy, Ireland Greece and Spain) may leave or be ejected, leaving the balance of the EU to survive.  Some argue that the EU was doomed from the start and must eventually suffer complete disintegration.

The probability of an EU breakup is supported by the Wolfson Economics Prize.  According to England’s Daily Mail, that £250,000 prize challenged the world’s brightest economists to prepare a contingency plan for a EU break-up.  There were five finalists each of whose essays offers insight into why the EU may disintegrate, how that disintegration could be controlled, and what might happen if that breakup is improperly managed.

Some of these essays warn of dire consequence; others are surprisingly optimistic.

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