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Rob Kirby interviewed by Greg Hunter

This is the first time I’ve heard Rob Kirby speak.  I’m impressed.

Kirby is the first man I’ve heard speak on the subject of derivatives who seems to know what he’s talking about.  But more, he’s one of the very few people who has a coherent understanding of what’s going on the world–deindustrialization of the west; disarming of America; violence in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and Gaza; financial fraud; creation of regional entities entities like the North American Union–the orchestrated creation of chaos leading towards global government.

Again, Rob Kirby’s understand of world affairs is impressive.

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Exchange Stabilization Fund

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The “Exchange Stabilization Fund” was created in A.D. 1934 for the alleged purpose of stabilizing the value of the dollar.  It is alleged to be a huge slush fund that is, by law, absolutely exempt from any congressional oversight.

The Secretary of the Treasury (Timothy Geithner) operates the “Exchange Stabilization Fund” in nearly perfect secrecy.

According to the series of videos below, the Exchange Stabilization Fund is the real power behind the Federal Reserve System.  The Federal Reserve is routinely blamed for our country’s financial ills, but the real “villain” is the Exchange Stabilization Fund.  Based on these videos, it might be argued that the Exchange Stabilization Fund is the architect behind the New World Order.

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