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Fake News

Naomi Wolf is a former Clinton adviser.  Just over a year ago, she warned that the world is increasingly subject to “fake news”.  She’s not the first to raise such warnings, but her credentials are sufficient to give the claims some credibility.

She advocates more “citizen journalism” where ordinary people begin to report the actual news rather than entrusting it that job to the Main-Stream Media (MSM).

More, she implicitly recommends that every time you and I read an article (like this one), we pause to ask “What does the author want us to think?”  Most articles do not simply present facts. They also present the author’s opinion and, if that author is at all “political” an attempt to persuade you to adopt the author’s opinion and then act on it.  The big question is, “If the author can persuade us to adopt his opinion and act on it, will our actions serve our best interests or the best interests of the author and/or whoever the author represents?

I think you should ask yourself before, during and after reading every article, if that article’s values are ultimately intended to serve your best interests or subtly persuade you to abandon your best interests.   By “best interests,” I’m not simply suggesting you calculate whether a particular set of opinions will put $100 in your pocket or ultimately cost you $1,000.  By “best interests” I’m including your access to the truth or perhaps even to new insight that helps you to view and understand “truth” more clearly but from a different perspective.  “Best interests” are not only about “show me the money!”  They also involve “show me–and help me understand–the truth.”

In a world increasingly populated by liars, each of us needs to sharpen our own personal capacity for discernment.

video  00:08:53


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Ferguson Mo Conspiracy Theory

Here’s a Black resident of Ferguson, Missouri, who claims that the federal government has imported phoney protesters into Ferguson to fan the flames and help precipitate more violence by demonstrators and more counter-violence by the police and National Guard.

If this conspiracy theory is correct, more of Ferguson and perhaps parts of St. Louis are likely to be burned to ashes in the near future–and not because of the locals.  On the other hand, if the conspiracy theory is false and evidence of overreaction, we may see some semblance of lasting calm restored to Ferguson within the next week.

I don’t know if this conspiracy theory is true or false.  But we live in a time when it could be true that our own government–despite claims to be searching for a solution to the conflict in Ferguson–is actually seeking make matters worse, more violent, more deadly and more widespread. How much longer can Ferguson burn before we also see fires in Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore or LA?

video   00:02:07    (rough language)


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It's a MYSTERY!  Who Dunnit? [courtesy Google Images]

It’s a MYSTERY! Who Dunnit?
[courtesy Google Images]

Although there are always conspiracy theories to blame the Jews, Jesuits or the CIA (and I’m not arguing that such theories are necessarily wrong), there’s a global consensus that the primary entity responsible for downing Flight MH17 is either:


1) the Ukrainian rebels supported by Russia;

2) the government of Russia; or

3) the government of Ukraine.

Although the Ukrainian rebels were initially blamed, I’ve argued from the beginning (Who Destroyed Malaysia Flight 17?)  that the rebels were the least likely suspect because they lacked the necessary training, experience and expertise to operate a highly sophisticated weapons system like the Buk SA-11.

Apparently, the Ukraine government now agrees with me.  According to CNN (MH17 Crash: Did Russia pull the trigger?  Ukraine says yes):


“Vitaly Nayda, Ukraine’s director of informational security, told CNN the person who shot down the flight was “absolutely” a Russian. “A Russian-trained, well-equipped, well-educated officer … pushed that button deliberately,” he said.”

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Whistleblower: Ukrainian Troops Shot Down MH17

After several days of media and government screaming “Blame the Russians!  Blame the Russians!” I was a little surprised today to find relatively few articles blaming the Russians.  Could it be that evidence is emerging that refutes Russia’s involvement in the Flight MH17 crash?

In fact, a report and video have emerged that claim that the United States government has satellite imagery showing that, in all likelihood, Ukrainian government forces–not Ukrainian rebels and/or Russia–shot down Flight MH17.

This video and the allegations it contains are evidence but not proof.  They might be true; they might be lies.

Still, one thing is all but certain: There should be one or more US satellites parked over the Ukraine during the recent conflict.  There should be one or more satellites parked over Russia at all times, for years. One way or the other, the US should have satellite images and evidence of whatever really happened to Flight MH17.

When do you suppose those satellite images will be released to the public?  Why haven’t they been released already?  In the interests of truth, establishing responsibility, and preventing some hysteria but mistaken response, shouldn’t those images be released as quickly as possible?

The report claims that a large number of beer bottles were observed at the site where the missile was allegedly fired by Ukraine soldiers.  It’s at least possible that the missile was launched by Ukraine soldiers as a drunken prank.

If it turns out that Flight MH17 was brought down by Ukrainian solders–especially, drunken Ukrainian solders–what will that do to the morale of the remaining Ukraine soldiers and the Ukraine government?  Will responsibility for Flight MH17 be enough to destroy the Ukraine government’s will to resist the separatist rebels?  Could the current Ukrainian government be overthrown?   Could the downing of Flight MH17 by Ukrainian drunks prove to be the pivotal event that ends the Russia/Ukraine conflict and allows Eastern Ukraine to be united with Russia?

video   00:05:50



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More Evidence of False Flag against Russia

According to the “About” comments associated with the following YouTube video,


“Ukraine [government] has released video it says is evidence a Russian Buk missile system was smuggled into rebel-controlled eastern Ukraine just before Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down.

“Counterintelligence chief at Ukraine’s national security service, Vitaly Nayda, says a Buk-M1, also known as the SA-11, missile system was moved into pro-Moscow territory in Ukraine around 1 a.m. on Thursday.  ‘We have compelling evidence that this terrorist act was committed with the help of the Russian Federation. We know clearly that the crew of this system were Russian citizens,’ he told a news conference.

“Reuters reports: ‘Calling on Russia to give Ukraine the names and surnames of the crew so that Kiev could question them, he said the three systems had now been moved back to Russia, showing journalists pictures of the missile systems in various locations.’

“‘We know about the three people who came together with these systems from the territory of Russia’, Nayda told a news conference.”

Here’s that video (00:01:07)


Note that in the video, we have an image of what may be a Buk launcher riding on a truck without any canvas or tarp to conceal the launcher.  You can see two of the missiles on top.   In the animated drawings in the video, that launcher is covered with a tarp so as to be concealed. Even if a tarp was present, do you think that a truck openly carrying a missile launcher down a major roadway is evidence of “smuggling”?

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False Flag on Russia?

About an hour after I wrote the previous (Survey Sez!  “Putiin’s the World’s Foremost Villain!”), I caught wind of the following video that alleges that Ukraine government (probably in complicity with the United States) is trying to frame Russia for Flight MH 17 in a false flag operation.

I don’t know who produced this video.  I can’t testify to the validity of the evidence that’s presented.  We’ll see a lot of conflicting videos before Flight MH 17 is laid to rest.  Some of those videos will be true, some will be mistaken, and some will present outright lies.  This video proves nothing, but it sounds plausible and it’s short.

video   00:04:00

•  The evidence in this video reminds me of the A.D. 1995 bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.  I believe that McVeigh (or someone) drove a truck loaded with a fertilizer bomb up to the building, but someone else wired the building’s internal structure with additional bombs.  The truck bomb out front was for show.  The internal bombs were supposed to collapse the structure.  We know that at least two bombs exploded because a number of seismographs reported two separate shock waves about 8 seconds apart.

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Survey Sez! “Putin’s the World’s Foremost Villain!”

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

It appears that Vladimir Putin may soon be blamed for all things bad–including the loss of President Obama’s real birth certificate.  Based on the events surrounding the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 17, Putin may be about to become the world’s foremost villain–a distinction previously held by Saddam Hussein (who died an early and violent death) and Muammar Gaddafi (who also died an early and violent death).

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