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Gun-Control Saves—Or Kills?


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Some say Chicago has the most rigid and draconian gun control laws in the country.  Common sense tells us that less guns should translate into fewer shooting.

However—first, commonsense ain’t so common—and, second, Breitbart recently reported that, over our recent Memorial Day weekend, in heavily gun-controlled Chicago,

At least 53 people were shot and wounded and four were killed.

Given that only 4 people died out of the 57 who were shot, I guess the good news is that Chicago shooters aren’t very good shots.  Apparently, only 7% of those who are shot, actually die. I’m sure that the folks down here on Texas could teach those Chicagoans a thing or two about firearms accuracy.

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Changing Times?

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

In the aftermath of the September 11th, A.D. 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, a number of government spokesmen crowed that “this changes everything.” What they meant was that, in light of the 911 attacks, we could no longer afford the protections of the Constitution and must instead embrace a growing police state.

Although the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda was officially blamed for the attacks, much of America still believes that 911 was a false flag operation conducted by, or with the complicity, of our own government. Regardless of whoever is truly responsible for 911, the resulting police state (and correlative distrust for government) continued to grow for the next 13 years.

A.D. 2013 was especially scary as numerous domestic government agencies were exposed as having ordered over 2 billion rounds of ammunition, plus rifles, handguns, body armor and even submachine guns.   It was virtually impossible to explain these purchases except as evidence that the US government was preparing for violent conflict with the American people. The forces of fascism were either on the march or terrified by growing public distrust.

However, in the midst of our growing police state, a number of events took place in the past five or six weeks that seem surprising when taken individually and almost astounding when taken together.

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My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

Cliven Bundy [courtesy Google Images]

Cliven Bundy
[courtesy Google Images]

The Cliven Bundy standoff has apparently ended.  The Bureau of Land Management has withdrawn all of its helicopters, vehicles and hit men.  At least for now.

If the BLM comes after Bundy again, they’ll do a blitzkrieg and come so fast there won’t be time for the public to rally around Bundy. The BLM will probably start by cutting off the surrounding cellphone towers so no one will be able to call for help or broadcast live images of the raid and government brutality.  If the government kills anyone or burns their home to the ground, cutting off those cellphone towers (or otherwise seizing or disabling cell phones) will be evidence of government’s intent to commit murder–1st degree, cold-blooded, premeditated murder–without leaving any telltale digital evidence of their crime.

Nevertheless, for now, it’s time for the Bundys and all of their supporters to celebrate–and pray.

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Good Americans Distrust Government—And they are the Majority

English: * Title = Gilbert Stuart's Portrait o...

“Government, like fire, is a dangerous servant or a fearful master.” George Washington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I postulate that being a good American means living in harmony with the spirit of The Constitution of the United States.  If that’s true, should we ever trust government?

Absolutely not.

The reason we have three, separate and independent branches of government (Legislative, Executive and Judicial) is to keep those governmental branches fighting among themselves and thereby prevent the emergence of a single, dictatorial government that worked for its own interests rather than those of the people.  The mandate for three branches of government (separation of powers) is evidence that the Founders didn’t trust the federal government.

The reason we have “checks and balances” in the Constitution is to protect the people from the federal government.  The Founders didn’t trust the feds.

The reason we have the 1st Amendment right to free speech is to allow us to expose government corruption.

According to the “Preamble to the Bill of Rights,” the reason we have the entire Bill of Rights (including the 2nd Amendment) is to prevent “misconstruction or abuse” of the powers granted under the Constitution to the officers, officials and employees of the federal government.

Insofar as the Constitution was intended to allow for only a “limited” government, that Constitution was intended to protect against government’s inevitable and insatiable appetite for more power, more taxes and less freedom.  The Founders didn’t trust the federal government.

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One Good Question Deserves Another

According this video, President Obama has asked top members of the American military, “Will you fire on American Citizens?”

If the video is true, then it’s reasonable that the People of The United States of America each ask themselves, “Will I fire on American government?”

video       00:21:19


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Not Taking Any Chances

Marines march at President Obama’s inauguration.  As Marines go, some of these guys are sloppy.

More importantly, the bolts have been removed from all their rifles rendering them inoperable.  Apparently, el Presidente is so paranoid that he won’t even trust the American military to come within firing range.

Makes me wince.     video  00:02:00


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The Battle of Athens

Old ballot box, Wentworth Museum, Pensacola, F...

Image via Wikipedia BALLOT BOX

True story.

During WWII, a corrupt, greedy family took over McMinn County in Tennessee.  WWII ended and the veterans came home, but the corrupt political machine tried to retain control of the county by stealing the ballot boxes in the A.D. 1946 election.  During the ballot box theft, one of the citizens in favor of honest government was shot.  The sheriff and deputies took the ballot boxes and baracaded themselves in the county jail.

The veterans organized, armed themselves with firearms and dynamite and counter-attacked the knee-breakers for the corrupt county government.

Before it was over, the sheriff’s knee-breakers surrendered, the veterans regained the ballot boxes–and the veterans were never prosecuted for having shot up the jail and rebelled against against the “duly-constituted” local government.

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