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Fukushima: “the Ultimate Catastrophe to the World”

“And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened.”  Matthew 24:22

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Titanic Tech

Size Titanic

Size Titanic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The luxury liner Titanic sank on its maiden voyage in A.D. 1912 from England to America.  Before it embarked, the ship’s captain said, “I cannot conceive of any vital disaster happening to this vessel.  Modern shipbuilding has gone beyond that.”

The captain was convinced that “modern shipbuilding” technology had advanced to a point where “modern” ships were unsinkable.

The man responsible for building the Titanic reportedly declared, “God, Himself, could not sink the Titanic.”  That report is probably false.  Nevertheless, the sentiment expressed and subsequent sinking of the Titanic perfectly illustrates mankind’s tendency to arrogant overconfidence in our technology.  Whenever we think we’re “so smart” that nothing can possibly go wrong, we’ve embraced a “Titanic Technology” that’s more akin to magic and superstition than science.

“Titanic Technology” embraces a mix of science and human arrogance.  When the arrogance outweighs the science, unsinkable ships sink and thousands, maybe millions, die.

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Fukushima Could Be 85 Times Worse than Chernobyl

English: Internationally recognized symbol. De...

English: Internationally recognized symbol.  Image:Radioactive.svg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sobering.  Worst case: global catastrophe.

It’s hard to listen to this video without thinking about End Times.

General Electric has built a number of nuclear power plants in the US that are reportedly identical to Fukushima Reactor #4.   If so, those US reactors may also store their radioactive waste on the roof of the reactors.  If the reactor building is destroyed, the nuclear waste might render hundreds, perhaps thousands, of square miles uninhabitable.

Nuclear power is a colossally stupid, short-sighted technology.  We get cheap energy for 20 to 50 years, then we have to figure out how to safely store the highly toxic, radioactive waste for thousands, perhaps even a million,  years. Given the storage problem, the nuclear power technology is insane.

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Iran Doesn’t Need Nuclear Weapons to Destroy Israel

Nuclear Power Plant Michigan City

Nuclear Power Plant (Photo credit: Paul J Everett)

Israel has at least one nuclear power plant.

Israel has one or more stockpiles of nuclear weapons.

Israel has an advanced biological weapons program.

Do these instances of nuclear and biological power make Israel strong or weak?

If the core of Israel’s nuclear power plant, and/or the stockpiles of nuclear weapons, and/or the stockpile of biological weapons are attacked and exploded by mere conventional explosives, Israel could be destroyed or at least badly damaged by the nuclear and/or biological weapons that are already on Israeli soil.

Iran has medium range ballistic missiles that are guided by GPS and therefore extremely accurate.  These medium range missiles are armed with conventional hi-explosives.  If these conventional explosives were to strike Israel’s nuclear power plant, nuclear stockpiles or bio-weapons facilities, the resultant dispersal of radioactive and biological contaminants could be sufficient to destroy or at least badly damage Israel.

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Japan is Dying III

Atomic bombing of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945.

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As opined in Japan is Dying, and Japan is Dying II, Japan is facing a host of problems that do not bode well for its ultimate survival.  I don’t expect Japan to suddenly expire in the next weeks or months.  I don’t doubt that twenty years from now, the nation of Japan will still be with us.  But Japan is in a state of decline that may be irreversible and, if Japan still exists in 20 years, it will not be the world’s 3rd largest economy.  Instead, Japan might not be in the top 10; maybe not even in the top 20. There are demographic (some claim 75% of Japanese woman are remaining unmarried and often childless) and technical (Fukushima) problems pushing Japan towards extinction or at least economic irrelevance.

Here’s another video describing the current state of affairs in regard to Japan’s failed Fukushima nuclear reactors.

Included in this video are reports that some or all of Tokyo might have to be evacuated.  I find it hard to believe that such evacuation will take place.  But the fact that it’s being considered is evidence that Fukushima is the single worst nuclear catastrophe in human history.  (So far.)

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Japan is Dying II

Two maiko performing in Gion.

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On March 31st, I posted “Japan Is Dying” on this blog.  That article was largely a response the the Fukushima nuclear reactor meltdowns, but also dealt with fundamental demographic problems:  1) Japan’s economy has been moribund during its “Lost Decade”; and 2) 75% of Japan’s women are unmarried and therefore unlikely to reproduce.

Japan is aging, it’s population is falling, it’s economy is depressed, and the Fukushima radiation may ultimately cause Japan to lose Tokyo and much of northern Japan to a “dead zone”.

Unless at least two or three of those problems are resolved, I doubt that Japan will recover in my lifetime. I wouldn’t be surprised to China invade Japan within the next ten years.

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A Chinese Mirror

Laugh, Clown, Laugh

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During the Cold War, the Soviet Union built a new embassy on the highest hill in Washington D.C.  There was much concern that the embassy’s elevation would allow the Soviets to more easily intercept microwave transmissions going in or out of our capitol.  Our government didn’t seem to care.

At the same time, the U.S. built a new embassy in Moscow that:  1) was in a low spot in local terrain that would inhibit our own electronic spying; and 2) was built by Russians with Russian-made bricks and metal beams.  There was much concern that the U.S. embassy would be riddled with Soviet listening devices implanted in the bricks, blocks and beams.  The U.S. government didn’t seem to care.

I realized then that our government doesn’t care what our alleged foreign enemies know about our “secrets”.  Our government cares primarily about what the American people know.  The principle object of “national security” is not to prevent our government’s secrets from falling into the hands of foreign enemies.  The principle object is to prevent governmental secrets from falling into the hands of average Americans who might revolt if they realized what kind of racket our “government” is really running.

The strategy of using “national security” as a pretext to keep the people uninformed is not uniquely American.  The Soviets were just as determined to use “national security” as an excuse to keep the Soviet people ignorant and obedient.  Virtually every government uses the same excuse to keep their people ignorant and docile.

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