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Extraordinary Interview with George Soros

George Soros [courtesy Google Images]

George Soros
[courtesy Google Images]

George Soros is an 86-year old Hungarian multi-billionaire.  Somewhat like the “Goldfinger” character in the A.D. 1964 James Bond movie, Soros is determined to destroy The United States of America.   Soros strikes me an an ugly and wicked old man.  I’ve wondered for years why some “lone gunman” hasn’t whacked him.

Here’s an extraordinary video of a Soros interview where we can see that he’s become so feeble, shaky and almost incoherent that he’s likely to die or become completely incapacitated even before crooked Hillary.  I can’t say I’m displeased.

In any case, Soros has apparently lost his capacity for discretion and therefore made some extraordinary admissions during his interview.

For example, he said:


•  “We have discovered the Achilles heel of western civilization.”


Why would Soros gloat over that discovery if he didn’t intend to destroy “western civilization”?  Of what use could an “Achilles Heel” be if not as a means to destroy an adversary?

What is the “western civilization” that Soros seeks to destroy?

At it’s foundation, “western civilization” is Christendom.  It’s a civilization, culture and system of values that’s fundamentally based on the Christian faith.  Soros is apparently at war with Christianity and the Christ.
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Forces Favoring the New World Order are Failing

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

Whenever two homosexuals argue, they call each other a “fag” or a “queer”. Homosexuals know from personal experience that it hurts to be called a “fag” or “queer”.

Likewise, whenever two Negroes fight, the first thing they call each other is “nigger”. They know they’ve been hurt by being called a “nigger” and therefore assume that’s the insult they want to use to hurt other Negroes.

And, when two unintelligent people argue the first insult they reach for is to call each other “stoopid”.

When it comes to insults, we throw the stones that we know hurt from personal experience. Homosexuals know that it it hurts to be called a “fag” so that’s an insult they like to use against others. Negroes know it’s hurt them to be called “nigger” and so that’s the #1 insult they use against other Negroes.. Dummies know it hurts to be called “dumb” so that’s the insult they hurl against others.

My point is that there’s little in life that’s as revealing about a man’s self-image and true nature as his insults. If I can hear a man’s insults, I’ll have a very good idea of who he really is. The insults we hurl at others expose us like nothing else.

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Over Half the World Lives in Asia

Here’s a graphic that indicates the concentration of the world’s population in a relatively small area.

It means that most of the world’s power should be shifting towards Asia.

It also means that most of the world’s danger is shifting to Asia.  Famine.  Pandemics.  War.  All are most likely in those areas where population density is highest.

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Judge Jeanine: Brexit is just the beginning

A little over the top at times, but all-in-all, a pretty good rant.

It really is “time to take this country back.”  It’s been that “time” for a long time.  Maybe this “time” (election) it will start to happen.

video      00:08:22


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Brexit: What Happened?

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

The European Union (EU) traces its origins back to the European Coal and Steel Community and the European Economic Community (EEC), formed by the Inner Six countries of Europe in 1951 and 1958, respectively.

The “Brexit” (Britain’s exit from the EU) is a political movement that’s sputtered along ever since the United Kingdom joined the precursor of the European Union (EU) in 1973.

After 43 years without success, no one gave the Brexit movement much chance of winning the recent referendum.

Nevertheless, English and EU politicians warned of economic catastrophe if “Brexit” succeeded and even begged the English people to vote against Brexit.

Jo Cox, an MP (Member of England’s Parliament), fought against the Brexit movement and was assassinated by an apparent Brexit supporter. English sympathy shifted from pro-Brexit towards anti-Brexit.

The odds-makers predicted that the Brexit movement would fail.

The pollsters predicted that the Brexit movement would fail.

Cynics predicted that even if the Brexit movement won the referendum, the Powers That Be would still steal the election.

They were all wrong.

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Catherine Austin Fitts on: Trump vs. Clinton; Economic Collapse?

Greg Hunter ( interview.

This is a fairly long interview, but it’s insightful and worth your time.

There’s a week’s worth of news in these 49 minutes.

video      00:49.20


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Alasdair MacLeod interviewed on Greg Hunter

James Bond's "Q" presents his latest weaponized pen. [courtesy Google Images]

James Bond’s “Q” presents his latest weaponized pen.
[courtesy Google Images]

You may remember the fictional character “Q” in the old James Bond films.  “Q” was the head of Q Branch–the fictional research and development division of the British Secret Service that devised all of those incredible gadgets for spies.  His speech was so articulate that he was almost a parody of intelligent Englishmen.  “Q” was “veddy British”.

Unlike “Q,” Alasdair MacLeod not a fictional character.  He’s a writer, pundit, and student of global economics.

However, like “Q,” Alasdair  is “veddy British,” “veddy articulate,” and “veddy intelligent”.  In fact, he could play “Q” in the modern James Bond films.

Alasdair MacLeod has an extraordinary, almost encyclopedic grasp of global economics and politics. Every time Greg Hunter asked a question, Alasdair had an automatic, articulate, and often concise answer.  He’s a brilliant communicator.

If you want to hear a classical Englishman speak who has “connected the dots” in global economics, this interview is for you.

video      00:37:01


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