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Forces Favoring the New World Order are Failing

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

Whenever two homosexuals argue, they call each other a “fag” or a “queer”. Homosexuals know from personal experience that it hurts to be called a “fag” or “queer”.

Likewise, whenever two Negroes fight, the first thing they call each other is “nigger”. They know they’ve been hurt by being called a “nigger” and therefore assume that’s the insult they want to use to hurt other Negroes.

And, when two unintelligent people argue the first insult they reach for is to call each other “stoopid”.

When it comes to insults, we throw the stones that we know hurt from personal experience. Homosexuals know that it it hurts to be called a “fag” so that’s an insult they like to use against others. Negroes know it’s hurt them to be called “nigger” and so that’s the #1 insult they use against other Negroes.. Dummies know it hurts to be called “dumb” so that’s the insult they hurl against others.

My point is that there’s little in life that’s as revealing about a man’s self-image and true nature as his insults. If I can hear a man’s insults, I’ll have a very good idea of who he really is. The insults we hurl at others expose us like nothing else.

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GM becoming China Motors?

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Alasdair MacLeod interviewed on Greg Hunter

James Bond's "Q" presents his latest weaponized pen. [courtesy Google Images]

James Bond’s “Q” presents his latest weaponized pen.
[courtesy Google Images]

You may remember the fictional character “Q” in the old James Bond films.  “Q” was the head of Q Branch–the fictional research and development division of the British Secret Service that devised all of those incredible gadgets for spies.  His speech was so articulate that he was almost a parody of intelligent Englishmen.  “Q” was “veddy British”.

Unlike “Q,” Alasdair MacLeod not a fictional character.  He’s a writer, pundit, and student of global economics.

However, like “Q,” Alasdair  is “veddy British,” “veddy articulate,” and “veddy intelligent”.  In fact, he could play “Q” in the modern James Bond films.

Alasdair MacLeod has an extraordinary, almost encyclopedic grasp of global economics and politics. Every time Greg Hunter asked a question, Alasdair had an automatic, articulate, and often concise answer.  He’s a brilliant communicator.

If you want to hear a classical Englishman speak who has “connected the dots” in global economics, this interview is for you.

video      00:37:01


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Are (Draconian) Capital Controls Coming?

Currency Controls:  "I'll give you one green one for three purple ones." [courtesy Google Images]

Currency Controls: “I’ll give you one green one for three purple ones.”
[courtesy Google Images]

Casey Research recently published an article entitled, “Capital Controls Are Coming”—but are they really?

In fact, some capital controls already exist as restrictions on how much cash you can take out of the country.  These capital controls exist at our physical and financial borders and concern international movement of dollars.

Other capital controls exist domestically.  I.e., you can’t deposit more than $10,000 into bank accounts in the U.S. without causing your bank to send notice to the national government.

Until A.D. 1934, we had $500, $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000 bills in circulation.  Now, the biggest bill we can use is $100.  That’s evidence that currency controls have been with us since A.D. 1934.

Article 1.10.1 of the Constitution of the United States (A.D. 1788) declares that “No State shall . . . make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts”. That’s a form of “money control” that amounts to “currency control/prohibition”.  Currencies other than gold or silver are prohibited or at least restricted within the States of the Union.

My point is that some form of “currency controls” have been with us for over 200 years.  I doubt that you can find a nation anywhere on earth that hasn’t engaged in some form of “currency controls” over the past century.

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Internet Deflation

One Small Plug for Man . . .  One Huge Deflationary Force for Mankind [courtesy Google Images]

One Small Plug for Man . . .
One Huge Deflationary Force for Mankind
[courtesy Google Images]

The New York Times published “Insurance via Internet Is Squeezing Agents”:



“Walmart and Google have recently established websites that allow consumers to compare the premiums of various companies for auto, home and other types of insurance, and buy policies.  Both companies have entered partnerships with insurers.

“To the list of jobs threatened by the Internet, add one more: insurance agent.

“Technology start-ups, and companies from the insurance industry, are introducing websites that sell or promote a range of insurance including auto, homeowners and small commercial policies. These portals, which promise savings by showing consumers many price quotes so they do not have to shop site by site, are putting pressure on insurance agents, who collect 10 percent or more of their policyholders’ payments.”


The story of ruinous internet competition among insurance agents is a common theme for internet businesses.

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Borderless Wars

Borderless Nations = Lawless Nations [courtesy Google Images]

Borderless Nations = Lawless Nations
[courtesy Google Images]

The video at the end of this article presents a Muslim perspective on what the US government calls the “War On Terror” but Muslims see as a “war on Islam”.  The video focuses on a Muslim in England who hacked a British soldier to death on the streets of London, simply because the soldier had presumably fought against Muslims in the Middle East.  The Muslim who killed the English soldier didn’t try to escape.  Instead, he justified his act as that of a Muslim soldier fighting in a war without borders whose battlefield not only included the Middle East, but also England.

The video provides an important insight:  The US “War on Terror,” the Muslim faith’s impulse to convert the world to Islam, and the Muslim’s claim of “war on Islam” are all global in nature.  As a result, none of these “forces” recognize national borders, national armies, national institutions or national laws.  Both those who are terrorists and those who fight terrorists are “globalists” without respect for national laws.

The conflicts between the US and “terrorists” are borderless–in part because the “terrorists” are not openly affiliated with any established government.  Generally speaking (the US is a huge exception) national armies are primarily intended to protect (or even expand) their nation’s borders.  National armies tend to recognize national borders.  “Terrorists” (and the US military) do not recognize borders.  Insofar as borders are established and recognized by international law, those individuals and entities that do not recognize borders tend to be lawless.  That principle is easily seen in relation to “terrorists”–but would also seem to apply to the US military.

The US no longer recognizes, or has, “national borders”.  Our government’s increasingly borderless nature can be seen not only in our propensity to invade foreign countries or regions without obvious cause, but also in our government’s refusal to protect our own borders from invasion by illegal aliens, and even by the federal governments apparent scheme to turn States of the Union into a single, national territory.  I.e., our government increasingly refuses to recognize the borders (or territory and jurisdiction) of each of the States of the Union.

Instead of national borders, our government claims to have “national interests“.  Rather than defend our borders, we defend our “interests“,  Rather than defend our nation or or rights, we defend our “interests”

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The 747 Flu

Coming soon!  To an airport near you! [courtesy Google Images]

Coming soon! To an airport near you!
[courtesy Google Images]

Every year about this time, we begin to hear warnings about the “flu”.  The warnings flow from the colder weather, but sometimes we also hear warnings about the “bird flu”–a particular variety of “avian influenza” that’s slowly spreading across Asia and will spread around the world based largely on the fact that birds can fly.

In theory, the bird flu is most contagious on a global basis whenever some species of birds migrate from one nation or even continent to another in the Fall and back again in the Spring.

Once the migrating birds reach their Winter home or their Summer home, they stay more-or-less in that place.  Other “local” birds may pick up whatever disease the migrating birds are carrying.  Those diseases can ultimately reach the local people.

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