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Confidence vs Humility

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

I view the video below as evidence of a powerful and often self-destructive instinct in most people to follow anyone who speaks with great confidence.  People don’t much care about what’s being said.  They do care about the apparent confidence of the speaker.  Most people don’t care if the speaker speaks truth or lies, but they do care if he speaks with confidence.

If you speak without confidence–even if you’re telling a profound truth–most people won’t believe you.  Most people won’t follow you.

But if you speak with great confidence, people don’t care if you’re a pathological liar–they will follow you, they’ll obey you, they’ll give you lots of money.  Most salesmen, leaders, politicians, bankers and “men of power” understand this principle.  If you would win, if you would rule, you must speak with unbridled confidence.  Obama is a classic example of this phenomenon.

Adolph Hitler also understood this principle and called it the “big lie”.  If you told a lie big enough, no one would doubt it. Perhaps Hitler could’ve labeled the phenomenon the “confident lie”.  I.e., if you tell a lie with sufficient confidence, very few will doubt it.

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Can Government Corruption Cause Economic Collapse?

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

Earlier this week, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) spoke for 21 consecutive hours on the Senate floor.  The purpose of his filibuster was to cause the Senate to defund the Obamacare law as the price of passing a new “debt ceiling” law to prevent a government shutdown. The Senate was unimpressed.  Obamacare will be funded, and the “debt ceiling” law will (eventually) be passed with or without Senator Cruz’s support.

The Washington Times published an article entitled “As Sen. Ted Cruz gives a long speech, Treasury gets short on funding” which focused on the Cruz filibuster, but also touched on the debt limit issue.  According to that article,


“The Treasury Department said Wednesday that it has less than a month’s worth of room to maneuver before it hits the debt limit, dropping yet another major fiscal deadline in the lap of a Congress already stymied over the annual spending bills.”

Now wait a second. . . .

I thought the “debt limit” was a number rather than a date.

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Government Killers

[courtesy of Google Images]

[courtesy of Google Images]

•  During the 1990s, the U.S. imposed an embargo on Iraq to prevent that nation from receiving all of the food and medicines it needed. As a result of that embargo, 500,000 Iraqi children are believed to have died.

During much of that embargo, Medeline Albright was the 64th U.S. Secretary of State.  On May 12th, A.D. 1996, Secretary of State Albright appeared on 60 Minutes and was asked if the “price” of the embargo-related deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was “worth it”.  Albright replied, “I think that this is a very hard choice, but the price . . . we think the price is worth it.”  (See,

Can anyone in their right mind justify the needless deaths of one-half million children?  Can anyone who causes or even justifies the deaths of one-half million children expect to be forgiven and welcomed to salvation?  Shouldn’t Americans and the world have been shocked and appalled by Secretary of State Albright’s admissions?  Could America cause the deaths of 500,000 children and still claim to be the “good guys”?

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MOOA and the Mark of the Beast

Gustave Doré, Depiction of Satan, the antagoni...

Gustave Doré, Depiction of Satan, the antagonist of John Milton’s Paradise Lost c. 1866 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the past six years, I’ve been more or less obsessed with the state and federal drug laws that define drugs in terms of “man or other animals” (“MOOA”) and thereby define man to be an animal.  (See, Man or other Animals #1)

As you may know, I was sued by the Attorney General of Texas for $25,000/day ($9 million per year) due to my involvement with a trust that leased some furniture to a corporation that manufactured colloidal silver.  The gov-co alleged colloidal silver was a “controlled substance” under the definitions of drugs.  I read those definitions and realized they applied only to animals.  I also understood from my study of the Bible that on the 6th day, God created man in His image, and gave man dominion over the animals (Genesis 1:26-28).  Thus, any man made in God’s image of the Jewish or Christian faiths can’t be an “animal”.  So I advanced a religious freedom defense based on the argument that, as a Christian, I can’t be subjected to laws that presume me to be an animal without violating my freedom of religion.

The Attorney General–after devoting 6 years and nearly $500,000 on pretrial investigations and hearings—dropped the case.   The AG never told us why he dropped the case.  But I presume that the MOOA/freedom of religion defense was the reason.

Since that case “disappeared” in A.D. 2007, I’ve had contact from radio listeners in England and Australia (or maybe it was New Zealand; I forget) also have drug laws that define the people to be animals.  Thus, it appears that the presumption that the people are animals may be a cornerstone for the New World Order.

•  Many of you are probably sick of hearing me tell that story.  But some people “get it” and apply it, and one of them recently sent me an email that made me realize something that may be important.  In fact, I’m amazed that I haven’t previously “connected this dot”:

The word “animal” (seen in the phrase “man or other animals”) is generally synonymous with the word “beast“.  Thus, it’s conceivable, even arguable, that the “man or other animals” drug laws could also be described as “man or other beasts” drug laws.

If so, it’s not much of a leap to wonder if the “mark of the beast” might be translated as the “mark of the animal”.  If so, is it possible that those laws that define the people to animals might be somehow construed as the “mark”?   I.e., if you’re willing to accept the status of an “animal”. . .  if you consent to be subject to laws that define you as an animal—have you “taken” the “mark”?

When we talk about the “mark of the beast,” does such “mark” indicate that we are property of some “beast” (Satan) who placed his mark of ownership upon us?   Or, could it be that the “mark of the beast” is some sort of “mark” that identifies each of us as a “beast” or “animal” rather than a man made in God’s image?

If we consent to be identified as “animals,” is it possible that we have thereby taken the “mark of the beast”?

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DOD’s Anti-God Vaccine

By Richard Wheeler (Zephyris) 2007. Lambda rep...

Image via Wikipedia

This is easily one of the most disturbing and fascinating videos I’ve ever seen.  It’s so fantastic and seems so improbable that I’m tempted to dismiss it as a hoax.

On the other hand, I’ve listened to it three times, and it’s so well done, so credible in terms of the way people speak and act, that I can’t imagine that it’s a hoax unless produced by a very sophisticated video team for a reason that’s not easy to imagine.

Essentially, the video claims to be the record of an A.D. 2005 meeting at the Department of Defense between a half dozen people being introduced to a new technology that could allegedly be used to eliminate “religious fundamentalists“.

This technology is allegedly based on the discovery of a gene in our DNA that’s associated with people’s tendency to become “religious fundamentalists”.   Those people for whom this gene is maximally “expressed” tend to be “religious fundamentalists”.  Those people for whom this gene is dormant tend to be secularists.

This meeting explains that there is a virus that could be intentionally dispersed in a population that would turn that gene “off”and cause religious fundamentalists to become “normal”.  By “normal” they apparently mean “secularists,” “atheists,” “consumers” and “good little Germans”.

Sounds crazy, right?

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Beyond Belief? The Devil?

Ary Scheffer: The Temptation of Christ, 1854

Image via Wikipedia

Here’s an ABC Nightline program that investigates the existence of the Devil. Some of the people interviewed (or exorcised) seem a little hokey. Most of the interviewees claim to have seen Satan and/or demons.  There’s at least one moment when I can almost glimpse program’s host suppressing a big laugh for the speaker and subject matter. But, all in all, the guests are surprisingly good and the interview is fair.

Those who don’t believe may view this program as silly.

Those who do believe may be impressed.

video 00:41:15


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