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Are You People Completely Crazy?

Howard Beale delivering his famous "I'm a...

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An average man makes a lot of sense with observations and questions directed to government.

We’re mad as Hell . . . and we’re not gonna take it anymore!




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The Bright New Ideas are Idiotic

Compact fluorescent light bulb

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Here’s a 5 minute video of Congressman Ted Poe (R-Texas) exposing the absurdity of congressional laws and EPA regulations concerning our newly required compact florescent light bulbs (CFLs).  Congressman Poe’s comments are  insightful, hilarious, sad–and dimly infuriating. This video offers one of the finest, most concise illustrations of  government absurdity and insanity that I’ve seen.

It’s clear from the EPA regulations concerning these light bulbs, that CFLs are so hazardous (they contain mercury) that you can cause a room or even building to be evacuated if you break just one of them.

Arguably, you may be able to hijack an airplane if you can smuggle a CFL onto the plane and threaten to break it and release its mercury into the cabin’s air.

Thanks to the EPA, the day is probably coming when anyone caught carrying a CFL can be charged as a “terrorist”.  You can bet that before long, you’ll need to hire a federally-licensed “light build technician” dressed in a Hazmat suit to install or remove the CFLs in your home.

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