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Bush Military Official: The Empire’s Ship is Sinking

Retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson was a former national security adviser to the Reagan administration and spent years as an assistant to Secretary of State Colin Powell during both Bush administrations. He’s been among the “bad guys” in our Military-Industrial Complex.  He’s been a card-carrying member of the “bad guys”.

However, about a decade ago, he decided to “come clean”.

In the following interview, he describes the rampant corruption inside the de facto government and the corporate interests driving foreign policy.


As you listen, take notes.  You might be surprised at what you learn.

For example, Col. Wilkerson predicts that US military will remain in Afghanistan for another 50 years.  I doubt that our nation and/or military-industrial complex can coexist and both survive for another 50 years.  I therefore doubt Co. Wilkerson’s prediction.  Nevertheless, for the first time, I understand his argument that our government intends to remain in Afghanistan for the next 50 years.

video    00:23:57


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Consequence of Economics: Animal Farms

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

Nations and economies are different.  Nations exist for a particular people’s general welfare.  That general welfare includes their spiritual, psychological, financial and material wealth.  Nations recognize their people as intrinsically valuable.

Economies, on the other hand, only recognize their people as potentially profitable.  Nations see us as “people”.  Economies see us as “human resources”.

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Work Ethic vs Pay Ethic

But Don't Expect 100% Pay [courtesy Google Images]

But Don’t Expect 100% Pay
[courtesy Google Images]

Yahoo! News reports in “Boehner says unemployed ‘don’t really want’ jobs. How bad a gaffe for GOP?,” that:


“The Republican Party’s top leader in Congress is catching flak for a comment that appears to call the jobless lazy – a comment that has rekindled an old challenge for the party: appearing insensitive or uncaring toward Americans who are poor or in financial difficulty.”


Goodness know that politicians can’t “appear insensitive or uncaring”. Like Bill Clinton (a multimillionaire), all politicians must “feel the pain” of the less fortunate.


“House Speaker John Boehner was asked after a speech last week to comment on a plan for addressing poverty – promoted by a Republican colleague, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

“Speaker Boehner gave a response that was favorable toward Representative Ryan’s plan, but not so favorable about Americans’ work ethic. He said in part: “I think this idea that’s been born over last … couple of years that, ‘You know, I really don’t have to work, I don’t really want to do this, I think I’d just rather sit around,’ – this is a very sick idea for our country.”


Representative Boehner was right. The unemployed are lazy and generally don’t want jobs.

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Russian Sanctions

Kremlin [courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

CNN reports in “Ukraine crisis: EU sanctions target 15 individuals” that,


“The European Union has imposed sanctions related to the crisis in Ukraine on another 15 people, bringing the total number targeted to 48.”

Wow!  There are 144 million people in Russia, and the EU has increased the number of people sanctioned from 33 to 48 (woo-hoo!).

Not to be outdone,


“In its latest round of sanctions, the United States targeted seven Russian government officials and 17 companies linked to Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

“Seven”—count ‘em—“seven Russian government officials” and “17 companies”.  (Y’know, 17 is a lot!  That’s almost as many as I have fingers and toes!)


“The White House said the seven Russians, including two from Putin’s inner circle, are subject to a freeze on any assets they may hold in the United States and a ban on U.S. travel.”

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What Kind of Government Comes Next?

Ann Barnhardt

Ann Barnhardt

The “sovereign debt crisis” simultaneously afflicts the US government and the governments of a significant number of other major nations/economies.  In essence, the “sovereign debt crisis” means that a “sovereign” (a government) is so deep in debt that it can’t possibly pay all of its bills.  That means that such governments are insolvent and technically bankrupt.

What happens if such governments actually default and become overtly bankrupt?  That’s hard to imagine, but it might mean that the alleged “sovereign” wouldn’t merely be embarrassed but might actually cease to exist.  What would replace it?

What happens when governments are so prone to pushing more regulations and a greater police state, that their people come to loath their own governments?  Would a people who’ve come to loath their own government be more open to some other entity that sought to replace their constitutional governments?  Is the modern police state intended to increase the powers of government?  Or is it secretly intended to so alienate the people that they’ll come to hate constitutional government and cheer its destruction?

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A pill and a profit for every symptom  (courtesy Google Images)

A pill and a profit for every symptom
(courtesy Google Images)

As I bounced about the internet I ran into a story about a new cure for cancer that’s been discovered in Canada but largely ignored by the medical industry. The new drug is called “dichloroacetate”. It’s not a new substance, but has already been used for some time in other contexts and appears to be readily available. You can read an introductory article at “Dichloroacetate: University of Alberta Doctors Discover A Cure For Cancer“.

Unfortunately, dichloroacetate has a significant intrinsic problem:  it was researched and discovered by means of public funding.  That means no major pharmaceutical enterprise can claim a patent on dichloroacetate and use that patent to generate massive profits.

If no major corporation can get rich off selling dichloroacetate, that medicine will probably not be manufactured or sold.  People will die from cancer who might otherwise be saved, but no one in the pharmaceutical industry gives a damn.

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Max Keiser Explains Significance of Edward Snowden’s “Leak”

Max Keiser on France24

Max Keiser (Photo credit: Stacy Herbert)

Twitching, rumpled and passionate, Max Keiser explains the deeper significance of Edward Snowden’s recent intelligence leaks.  It’s not about national security.  Keiser implies that Snowden has revealed evidence of a fascist market-rigging operation that’s ultimately funding America’s secret government–a corporate plutocracy.

video   00:04:42


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