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Another, Fundamental Spiritual Distinction between Muslims and Christians That Can’t Be Overcome

What can match the pure exhilaration of sinless murder under the guise of Holy War and/or Jihad? [courtesy Google Images]

What can match the pure exhilaration of sinless murder under the guise of Christian Holy War and/or Muslim Jihad?
[courtesy Google Images]

The most important principle in the Bible is seen in Genesis 1:1:


“in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”


That verse is not simply an introduction to a story similar to “It was a dark and rainy night”.  The first first verse of the Bible is a legal statement of title to property.

The legal significance of that verse is seen in modern copyright and patent laws:  The author, inventor, creator of any new book, article, invention, heaven or earth owns perfect title to his creation and can do whatever he pleases with his creation.  He can ignore his creation, store it in some dusty attic, destroy it, sell it, lease it, or even use it to pick his nose or wipe his butt.  The “creator” owns the creation.

By virtue of having created the heaven and earth, our father YHWH ha Elohiym owns it all.  Because He created the sun, moon, earth and stars, he owns all of those entities and do with those entities whatever He pleases.

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MSM Blames US for ISIS

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Holy War for a Holy Land?

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

The New York Times published an article entitled, “King Salman Upends Status Quo in Region and the Royal Family”.  According to that article:


In the few months since the death of King Abdullah in January, the new king of Saudi Arabia, Salman, has moved fast to reshape foreign and domestic policies.  He has rattled alliances with the United States and regional powers that for decades have been the bedrock of stability for his kingdom.”

The US/Saudi alliance has also been fundamental to maintaining some semblance of order within the entire Middle East region.  The new king Salman’s activism not only threatens relationships with the US, but also magnifies whatever forces of instability already exist among Middle East sects and nations.

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