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Department of Homeland Security Releases Alien Criminals


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Does Debt-based Currency Necessitate Open Immigration?

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

Someone writing under the pseudonym “dog-move” posted the following comment on my blog (


“Richard Kelly Hoskins stated in his book War Cycles Peace Cycles that open immigration has always been a practical economic necessity in a debt-based usury system.  That the immigrant became more valuable than the indigenous population of a nation because the immigrant was better able to borrow needed money/debt into existence.  I have not heard anything on this particular reason in any current report of the escalation of mass immigration happening now, worldwide.”


I am also previously unfamiliar with Mr. Hoskins’ hypothesis.  Nevertheless, his argument sounds fascinating.

“Dog-move’s” brief description implies that once a nation embraces a debt-based monetary system, that nation will be mathematically compelled to bring in more immigrants to support the debt-based monetary system. Left unchecked, that influx of immigrants may destroy the nation.  Apparently, the people in power think that national destruction is a small price to pay–or may even be a desirable outcome.

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Here’s One To Get Your Blood Boiling

Obama and the Republicans debate over whether we should allow another 10,000 Muslim refugees to enter America.  However, according to the following video, the US government is already (and, more or less, secretly) admitting about 100,000 Muslims per year.  The admission rate is growing by 10% per year.

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An Idea Whose Time Has Come

We Need More than a Wall.   We Need Government to Stop Providing Incentives. [courtesy Google Images]

We Need More than a Wall.
We Need Government to Stop Providing Incentives.
[courtesy Google Images]

The Washington Examiner recently published “Immigration revolt goes global: Americans not alone in opposing cultural upheaval”.  According to that article,


“In signs of a world revolt against immigration, a remarkable survey . . . finds that an average of half polled believe there are too many immigrants in their countries and nearly as many believe the newcomers are changing culture for the worse.

“The United States isn’t even at the top of those with a negative view, according to the Ipsos global poll . . . . In fact, the U.S. is in the middle of the average, with 49 percent believing there are too many immigrants.

“Turkey is first, at 92 percent, followed by Italy, Russia, South Africa, Belgium, India, France, England, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Argentina, Hungary, and then the U.S. (13th).”

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That Spiteful, Arrogant, Cynical, Narcissistic Piece of Crap

The Spiteful Narcissist [courtesy Google Images]

The Spiteful Narcissist
[courtesy Google Images]

The Washington Times published an article entitled “Obama vows to use executive action on immigration before new GOP Congress is sworn in”.  It wasn’t really news.  We’d all heard that Obama intended to unilaterally grant some sort of immunity to illegal aliens after the election.  But seeing the headline and reading the article simply infuriated me.

We have some sonofabitch in the White House who is going to do what he knows the American people don’t want and what he has no constitutional authority to do.  He—the nation’s chief law enforcement officer—is going to openly, shamelessly, gleefully conspire with millions of illegal aliens and the New World Order to break the law.

According to The Washington Times:


“President Obama vowed Sunday to move forward with an executive order to ease immigration laws before the end of the year, ignoring dire warnings from Republican leaders that the move will poison his relationship with the next Congress.

“The president said he would not wait any longer to address the country’s immigration problems and would grant legal status to most of the estimated 11 million undocumented residents living in the U.S.”


In response to the extreme ass-whipping that Obama brought on the Democrat Party in last week’s election, that spiteful, arrogant, cynical, narcissistic piece of crap is simply using the illegal alien issue as his way to say, “Screw you, America!”  Even when he loses, the narcissist insists that he wins–or at least gets even.

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La Raza says they’re preparing to kill all Americans

Of course, the wetbacks couldn’t kill us all.  If they did, who’d be left to support them and pay to feed their kids?

Even so, this video is infuriating.

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Solving immigration problems for the North American Union

Illegal Aliens expressing their gratitude to be in the USA [courtesy Google Images]

Illegal Aliens expressing their gratitude for being allowed into the USA
[courtesy Google Images]

The Washington Times (“House moves to halt illegal immigration by deploying U.S. forces to Central America”) recently reported,


“House Republicans moved to tackle the border crisis at the source Wednesday, proposing to set up repatriation centers in Central American countries to help send back the wave of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children arriving in the U.S.”

Why build “repatriation centers” in Central America when already have them, right here in the US? They’re called “embassies”.

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