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IMF Colonized Korea–Part II Evidence

South Korean Flag [courtesy Google Images]

South Korean Flag
[courtesy Google Images]

I published Part I of this article (IMF Colonized Korea—the “Agreement”) two weeks ago. 

Here’s Part II–the “Evidence” supporting my contention that the IMF colonized South Korea in A.D. 1997.  This total article is a long, hard read.  It’s not for everyone.  But if you want to catch a glimpse of how the world’s central banks and economy really work, this article is worth your time.


In A.D. 1997, like several of the other “Asian Tigers,” South Korea suddenly slid close to financial collapse.  To avert national bankruptcy, the IMF offered to provide South Korea with a $55 billion loan “package”—$15.5 billion from the IMF, plus another $40 billion from other creditors that was arranged by the IMF.  That loan was premised on Korea’s acceptance of various new rules and some shocking political and economic concessions.

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