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Does Debt-based Currency Necessitate Open Immigration?

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

Someone writing under the pseudonym “dog-move” posted the following comment on my blog (


“Richard Kelly Hoskins stated in his book War Cycles Peace Cycles that open immigration has always been a practical economic necessity in a debt-based usury system.  That the immigrant became more valuable than the indigenous population of a nation because the immigrant was better able to borrow needed money/debt into existence.  I have not heard anything on this particular reason in any current report of the escalation of mass immigration happening now, worldwide.”


I am also previously unfamiliar with Mr. Hoskins’ hypothesis.  Nevertheless, his argument sounds fascinating.

“Dog-move’s” brief description implies that once a nation embraces a debt-based monetary system, that nation will be mathematically compelled to bring in more immigrants to support the debt-based monetary system. Left unchecked, that influx of immigrants may destroy the nation.  Apparently, the people in power think that national destruction is a small price to pay–or may even be a desirable outcome.

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