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Tim Turner Indictment

English: Anti-United States Internal Revenue S...

Anti-United States Internal Revenue Service symbol. Commonly used by tax protesters and tax reform advocates in the United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tim Turner is “patriot”/ “legal reform activist” who has been teaching people one or more strategies for confronting the IRS in particular and government in general.  I don’t recall ever talking to or seeing the man.  He’s recently been indicted by a federal grand jury for a number of alleged offenses.

Other than what I’ve learned in the past week reading two documents (1.  a motion by the government to detain Turner in prison without bail until the trial; and 2) the indictment against Turner), I have no knowledge of the man or whatever strategies he’s proposed.  I’m not posting this commentary on my blog for the sake of supporting or attacking Turner.

Instead, my purpose is to simply present my copy of Turner’s indictment with my various colorizing highlights and comments.

I see Turner’s indictment as instructive and even surprising.  I learned a few things from Turner’s indictment.  More, his indictment has even cast some doubt on principles I’d previously thought to be solid.

You can download a pristine copy (none of my highlighting and comments) of Turner’s indictment at:

You can download a copy Turner’s indictment with my highlighting and commentary here:  120926 Tim Turner Indictment 001-20120912


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