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Negative Political Campaign Ad for Hillary

Nothing profound here. It’s just one more reminder of why Hillary is bad for America.

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Trump Declares War On Republican Party Establishment

If you once loved the Republican Party but gave it up because of its treasonous prostitution, here’s some news you might like.

Trump may’ve stopped trying to play “Mr. Nice-Guy”.  He’s going after Hillary (and Bill) “hammer and tong”.


In fact, great.

I don’t know how the upcoming election will work out.  But I despise Hillary and Bill Clinton so much that I lust to see both of them destroyed–not merely beaten, but destroyed– by a public acclamation for Trump and public condemnation for the Clinton gangsters.

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If You Dislike Hillary, You’ll Love this Video

There’s not much that’s new in this video.  You’ve probably heard it all before–at least in bits and pieces.  Nevertheless, this video offers an extensive and coherent presentation of Hillary’s various offenses that’s a kind of “collectible” for those who dislike Hillary.

If you have any doubt about voting or not voting for Hillary, watch this video.  I can’t imagine anyone who sees this video also voting to Hillary.

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Theeere’s Nooo Business . . . Like Shooow Business . . . .

If the Democrats couldn’t really have party unity at their National Convention, they could at least appear to have unity by removing or silencing Bernie Sanders delegates.  Reality be darned!  It’s the appearance of reality that matters.

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Here’s another video describing Democratic National Convention “show biz”.  The the DNC hired “extras” to sit in empty seats to give the appearance that the place was packed and virtually everyone was cheering for Hillary.

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Fake News

Naomi Wolf is a former Clinton adviser.  Just over a year ago, she warned that the world is increasingly subject to “fake news”.  She’s not the first to raise such warnings, but her credentials are sufficient to give the claims some credibility.

She advocates more “citizen journalism” where ordinary people begin to report the actual news rather than entrusting it that job to the Main-Stream Media (MSM).

More, she implicitly recommends that every time you and I read an article (like this one), we pause to ask “What does the author want us to think?”  Most articles do not simply present facts. They also present the author’s opinion and, if that author is at all “political” an attempt to persuade you to adopt the author’s opinion and then act on it.  The big question is, “If the author can persuade us to adopt his opinion and act on it, will our actions serve our best interests or the best interests of the author and/or whoever the author represents?

I think you should ask yourself before, during and after reading every article, if that article’s values are ultimately intended to serve your best interests or subtly persuade you to abandon your best interests.   By “best interests,” I’m not simply suggesting you calculate whether a particular set of opinions will put $100 in your pocket or ultimately cost you $1,000.  By “best interests” I’m including your access to the truth or perhaps even to new insight that helps you to view and understand “truth” more clearly but from a different perspective.  “Best interests” are not only about “show me the money!”  They also involve “show me–and help me understand–the truth.”

In a world increasingly populated by liars, each of us needs to sharpen our own personal capacity for discernment.

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Climate Change One Of The Greatest Stalinistic Propaganda Campaigns In World History

“Global warming is a religion.

“It’s like the Spanish Inquisition.”

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Janet Yellen: “Not a Bubble Economy”

Ms. Yellen is nervous.  Maybe she’s not used to public speaking.  Maybe she’s intimidated by the presence of Ben Bernanke and Paul Volcker.  Maybe she’s lying and, unlike Obama, has no confidence in her ability to lie convincingly.

The following video is short and fairly dull, but as you’ll read, there’s a point to noticing Ms. Yellen’s repeated claims that the U.S. is not a “bubble economy”.

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The U.S. economy is not a “bubble economy”?

M’thinks Ms. Yellen doth protest too much.

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