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Territorial “states”?

Gangsters--within and without government--fight for territory. [courtesy Google Images]

Gangsters–within and without government–fight for territory.
[courtesy Google Images]

In my article “A Reader Wonders—Art. 1.10.1 vs. Art. 4.3.2”, I hypothesized that that loss of gold and silver coin in domestic circulation caused the governments of the States of the Union to become insolvent and non-functional. I speculated that, in the resulting governmental void, the national government passed emergency legislation to allow “territorial states” and/or “administrative districts” to supplant the insolvent governments of the States of the Union.

In the aftermath of that article, some readers have asked for statutory evidence of when those “territorial states” were created by law.

I don’t know where and when these hypothetical “territorial states” were created in law.  If the hypothesis is true, that information remains to be discovered and confirmed.

But if it were true that: 1) the governments of the States of the Union did not become legally insolvent until after both the gold- and silver-based currencies had been removed from domestic circulation; and 2) the last of the silver-based currencies disappeared between A.D. 1964 and A.D. 1968—then it would seem to follow that the governments of the States of the Union didn’t stop functioning until the early 1960s.  Therefore, the hypothetical territorial-state governments did not come to full power until sometime in the early 1960s (when, incidentally, the Viet Nam war was heating up).

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A Reader Wonders — Art. 1.10.1 vs Art. 4.3.2

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

A reader (“D.”) posed the following comments and questions:


“I’ve been ‘thinking’ and since I’ve watched the 3-part series of ‘Money as Debt,’ I’m now asking the question:  Labor is what really gives “money” its value and I understand that all currencies are fiat or unbacked.  Any clue or idea on how to measure the value of different types of labor performed in terms of gold and silver which I understand is the true money and of course what the Illuminati only deal in.”


I don’t know what form of currency the Illuminati prefer, but I do know that 99% of the American people don’t understand anything more about money than how to count it. More, I know that the concept of money is far more complex, mysterious and influential than mere counting might suggest.

For example, I disagree with your premise that “Labor is what really gives ‘money’ its value.”

If labor is all it takes to give money value, then there’s no reason why we can’t use fiat currency as money and no reason to prefer gold. We can measure the value of our “labor” in terms of corn cobs, pebbles, gold or fiat currency.

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“It’s Always the Patriots Who First Hear the Call”: Charlton Heston

The following video doesn’t offer much in the way of information, but it offers a great deal in terms of emotion and even motivation.  It doesn’t tell us what all soldiers feel, but it tells us what some soldiers feel–and I don’t think that these soldiers represent a mere “fringe” element.

There’s a growing “Limited Government Movement”.  That movement is not yet cohesive or even self-aware, but it’s the common denominator between the Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, Anonymous, Wikileaks, and whistle-blowers “movements”.  It’s the common denominator behind the recent Debt Ceiling vs Obamacare “drama” in Congress, the veterans who “reopened” veterans memorials closed by big government during the “government shutdown,” and the 26 state legislatures that have considered or even enacted laws to expressly prohibit their state’s enforcement of some federal laws.

The “Limited Government Movement” is motivated by people who understand that government has not only gone too far, but intends to go much further.  Even people associated with big government are fed up with big government. We are increasingly sick of, and even frightened by, the modern government’s dedication to more, bigger and even unlimited government.  The “Limited Government Movement” wants to return to the “limited government” still guaranteed by our State and federal constitutions.

There’s a “Limited Government” Revolution taking place now.  It’s been growing for at least five years–maybe since 9/11, maybe even from the loss of constitutional money in A.D. 1971. It’s already been happening, but it hasn’t had a name.  It’s been expressed in scores of smaller “movements”–but that common denominator is always there:  people want smaller, limited, constitutional government.

The government calls such people “domestic terrorists” and “sovereign citizens”–but the real terrorists are those who favor unlimited (lawless) government.  The real terrorists and treasonous whores are those who favor big government.

How will the Limited Government Movement be stopped?  And if it’s not stopped, what will prevent the day from coming when we see trials for treason?  Lots of ’em.

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Y’ say y’ want a Revolution?

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable." [courtesy Bing Images]

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” John F. Kennedy
[courtesy Bing Images]

800,000 government employees were furloughed on Tuesday, October 1st.  The media are all a-twitter with reports on the Obamacare/Government-shutdown controversy.

At first, the controversy seemed to be just another “drama” staged by the drama-queens we’ve elected to Congress.  For example, The Washington Times published “House rejects restoration of funds during shutdown for veterans, parks” which declared in part:


“With the government shutdown closing national monuments and sending federal office workers home, House Republicans changed tactics Tuesday and tried to pass individual spending bills that they said would restore money to high-profile programs such as veterans affairs, national parks and the Smithsonian Institution.

“But House Democrats, backed by a presidential veto threat, blocked the bills, saying that while they supported the spending, it was unfair for Republicans to make them pick and choose from popular programs.”


Politics in Congress has become so polarized that the Republican and Democrat parties seem like spouses in a particularly bad marriage.  Neither “spouse” can figure out how to please the other.  Both insist that, even if he or she gets what they want, something is still wrong.

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