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Mass Liquidation

Liquidation = Prices Drastically Reduced [courtesy Google Images]

Liquidation = Prices Drastically Reduced
[courtesy Google Images]

Born in A.D. 1932, Hugo Salinas Price holds degrees from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, the Instituto Tecnologico at Monteray, Mexico, as well a law degree from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.  The man is well-educated.

He founded Mexico’s Elektra retail chain and became one of the world’s wealthiest men.  He’s currently retired from business and focused on restoring a silver-based monetary system for Mexico.

In a recent article (“The Coming Liquidation”), Salinas-Price warns of an approaching crisis when investors will try to sell (liquidate) their bonds and learn that no one will buy at full face value.  Panic will ensue.  Prices will crash.  Fortunes will be lost.  The world economy could collapse.

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