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Closing Walmarts

Heavy-Handed Walmart Closings [courtesy Google Images]

Heavy-Handed Walmart Closings
[courtesy Google Images]

Over the past week or two we’ve seen that at least five Walmarts have closed for six months due to “plumbing problems”.

If the Hoover Dam broke, that might cause a “plumbing problem” that would take more than six months to fix

However, there are no plumbing problems in modern buildings that requires six months to repair.  Modern contractors could easily bulldoze an entire Walmart store, rip the concrete slab and all the underground plumbing, and rebuild a new Walmart on the same site in less than six months.

More, Walmart is all about the money and stores closed for six months wouldn’t seem to make any money.

Thus, the “plumbing problem” excuse for store closings is clearly a blatant lie.

Given that Walmart has given its employees only a few hours notice that they would soon be unemployed, Walmart has created a serious public relations problem that won’t be easily forgotten or erased.  Alienating the public to any degree has got to be bad for business.   Walmart’s conduct has been so inexplicable and heavy-handed that I can’t imagine any modern, major corporation behaving with such indifference to the public–unless that corporation was under some powerful compulsion to do so.

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My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

Cliven Bundy [courtesy Google Images]

Cliven Bundy
[courtesy Google Images]

The Cliven Bundy standoff has apparently ended.  The Bureau of Land Management has withdrawn all of its helicopters, vehicles and hit men.  At least for now.

If the BLM comes after Bundy again, they’ll do a blitzkrieg and come so fast there won’t be time for the public to rally around Bundy. The BLM will probably start by cutting off the surrounding cellphone towers so no one will be able to call for help or broadcast live images of the raid and government brutality.  If the government kills anyone or burns their home to the ground, cutting off those cellphone towers (or otherwise seizing or disabling cell phones) will be evidence of government’s intent to commit murder–1st degree, cold-blooded, premeditated murder–without leaving any telltale digital evidence of their crime.

Nevertheless, for now, it’s time for the Bundys and all of their supporters to celebrate–and pray.

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Italian Riot Police Remove Helmets and Join Protestors

Nightmare for fascists: Italian cops side with protesters.  

When will we see the same in the U.S.?  In fact, when will we see American soldiers side with American dissidents and protesters?

The government is not a unilateral enemy. Some government employees are thugs. Some recognize the crimes they’re being called on to commit, and are losing their taste for unbridled power. Only a handful of government employees refusing to “just follow orders” could be enough to precipitate a revolt even within the ranks of government, itself. Once the cops refuse to function as knee-breakers for the mob that runs this country, that mob will be on the way out.

video 00:01:07


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16 “Commanders” Canned This Year

Here’s a video that presents some facts that are subject to various interpretations.  Some of those interpretations may be insignificant and mere evidence of coincidence.  Other interpretations support various conspiracy theories.

I don’t know what these facts really signify, but they are disturbing and suggest that some sort of problem may be imminent.

video   00:03:37


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Another One: “FEMA Camps 2013”

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

Disturbing. Credible.  Mainstream Media sources.

Martial law and a police state aren’t just conspiracy theories; they’re happening.  Right now.

The video below does not express a conclusion, but it implies one–and it provides lots of evidence to support that implied conclusion.

•  As an aside, I’ve heard that during the Viet Nam war, the MOS (military job description) most likely to be killed by the Viet Cong (VC) was not the US.infantry soldier–it was the American clerks.

Yes, the VC fought the US infantry from time to time in horrific battles–and lost virtually every battle.. Therefore, whenever possible, the VC was too smart to waste its time, resources and lives trying to fight directly against the overwhelmingly powerful US infantry. Instead, the VC preferred to kill unarmed and unwary clerks. The VC knew that the US infantry could not wage war without the support of masses of clerks. Kill the clerks, and the infantry can’t fight.

This strategy may explain why the US infantry won every major battle against the VC and yet, the US still lost the Viet Nam war.  We beat the VC’s infantry.  The VC beat our clerks.

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One Man Demonstration in Support of Police

video    00:04:03


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Warning To American Gun Owners From Canadian News Anchor

Registration leads to confiscation.  When Canada started to confiscate Canadian rifles, Canadians tried to play “Mr. Nice Guy”.  The news anchor in this video warns Americans to avoid making the same mistake.

The people in positions of power in Washington DC no longer represent the best interests of the American people and therefore can no longer claim to be the “American government”.  Thus, it’s not really the “American government” that wants Americans disarmed–it’s the same group of globalists that wanted Canadians disarmed.  It’s the New World Order that wants you disarmed.  And they’ll probably have their way, unless the American gun-owners stop playing “Mr. Nice Guy” and instead tell all gun control to stick it up their arse and shut their G.D. mouths.

video     00:05:21


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