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Economics: Mostly Math or Mostly Moral?

Institutionalized Injustice:  Fighting Over Unearned Wealth [courtesy Google Images]

Institutionalized Injustice: Fighting Over Unearned Wealth
[courtesy Google Images]

Financial Times:


“On Friday [Nov. 6, A.D. 2015] the Bank of Japan [BoJ] revised down its inflation and growth forecasts, and pushed back its expectation of hitting the 2 per cent inflation target to the end of next year. It seems likely, and indeed desirable, that the BoJ will be forced to expand its programme of quantitative easing [QE] before too long.”

QE is intended to cause more borrowing, more spending and more inflation in whichever country/economy that promotes it.  In the case of Japan, continued reliance on QE is strange since they’ve tried to use some version of QE for most of 25 years without much success.

Why does Japan continue to beat that dead horse?  Could it be because that’s the only horse they have?  Financial Times:

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Notes on the Messiah’s First Trial Before Pilate

Pilate:  "I Find no Fault in this Man" [courtesy Google Images]

Pilate: “I Find no Fault in this Man”
[courtesy Google Images]

I’ve argued for a number of years that individual sovereignty is a capacity that flows from God.  Sovereignty is primarily a spiritual, rather than political, concept.  We are each “sovereign” because—according to the “Declaration of Independence”—we are each endowed by our Creator with certain, God-given, unalienable Rights.

I’m not alleging that the following comments are correct or even consistent. I’m only saying that they cross my mind as interesting questions or possibilities.


Luke 23:1-2   “And the whole multitude of them arose, and led him unto Pilate. And they began to accuse him, saying, We found this fellow perverting the nation, and forbidding to give tribute to Caesar, saying that he himself is Christ a King.”


Note that “a” is an indefinite article.  It signifies one of many who are otherwise similar or even identical.

According to the King James version of the Bible, the multitude accused the Messiah of claiming to be “a King,” that is to say, “a sovereign”—one of several, perhaps many, but not the only “King”/sovereign.

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Current Currency Wars

World Reserve Currency Teeter-Totter-- if they go up, we go down

World Reserve Currency Teeter-Totter–
if they go up (inflate), we go down (deflate)

In “Currency Battle Is Tethered to Obama Trade Agenda,” The New York Times recently offered some bases for insight and conjecture concerning currency:



“A number of countries — China most prominent among them — have long acted to hold down the value of their currencies against the dollar, helping their industries by keeping exports to American consumers cheaper and making goods from the United States more expensive.”


Since the fiat dollar is still the World Reserve Currency, there’s a teeter-totter relationship between US dollars and the rest of the world’s major fiat currencies.  When foreign countries hold their currencies down in relation to the dollar, they hold the dollar up. That is, by inflating foreign currencies they make the dollar more valuable and thereby contribute to dollar deflation.

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The Inherent Immorality of Fiat Currencies

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

Global Research published an article entitled “Why Quantitative Easing (QE) May Lead to Deflation”.  That article argued that, although “Quantitative easing (QE) was supposed to stimulate the economy and pull us out of deflation . . . . QE3 [the third round of QE] failed to raise inflation expectations in the US.


•  “QE hasn’t worked in Japan, either.”

The Wall Street Journal noted in 2010, “Nearly a decade after Japan’s central bank first experimented with the policy, the country remains mired in deflation, a general decline in wages and prices that has crippled its economy.”

In fact, “The Bank of Japan (BOJ) began doing quantitative easing [printing fiat currency] in 2001. It had become clear that pushing interest rates down near zero for an extended period had failed to get the economy moving.  After five years of gradually expanding its bond purchases, the bank dropped the effort in 2006.”

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60 Minutes: the U.S. Stock Markets are Rigged

60 Minutes recently ran a story on the US stock markets entitled “Rigged” that was critical of integrity of US stock markets.  None of this is news.  But, when 60 Minutes makes a report on these subject, you can bet that  significant changes are imminent.   The 60 Minutes story may help cause a stock market decline for two reasons:

1) The stock markets are artificially rigged to support ever-higher prices. Although the current stock market is in one of the longest and strongest bull markets in history, US stock ownership is at a record low. There may be credible reasons to explain this anomaly, but generally speaking, if US stock ownership is at a record low, that should translate into reduced demand for stocks. If the demand is down, we should expect prices to to also be down.  Thus, stock market indices should be falling rather than testing record highs. This apparent violation of fundamental supply-and-demand principle leads me to suspect:  a) the market is artificially supported by some sort of rigging; b) without that rigging, the the stock market indices will fall; c) given that this rigging is being publicly exposed by 60 Minutes, it’s bound to be diminished or stopped; and d) the prices of stocks will suffer a serious decline.

2)  The stock market industry is unworthy of your trust.  Thanks to high speed computer trades, the stock markets are artificially rigged so as to rob investors of part of their profits.  Insofar as this problem is being reported on 60 Minutes, we can expect to see a serious of government and Congressional investigations that will not only amplify the current “can’t trust stock markets” message, but also uncover other instances of market rigging.  If people can’t trust the stock markets, they’ll be less likely to invest, U.S. stock ownership will decline further, and US stock market indices should fall further.

Implication:  The probability is growing that that we will see a significant stock market “correction” in the near future.   Those who invest in the stock market may want to reconsider that choice.

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The Moral Foundation for Governance

Immoral men recognize no "lines". [courtesy Google Images]

Immoral men recognize no “lines”.
[courtesy Google Images]

The Washington Times reports in “The Putin problem: U.S. needs Russian rockets for spy satellites” that, last Thursday (March 13th, A.D. 2014) ,


“Secretary of State John F. Kerry said a “a very serious series of steps” would occur if the Crimean Peninsula, currently occupied by Russian military hardware and thousands of troops, votes to rejoin Russia. He did not get into specifics as to what those steps might be, only saying to a Senate Appropriations Committee panel that there would be ‘a response of some kind’.”

What’s “a very serious series of steps”?

It’s the boogaloo followed by the funky chicken followed by the lindy hop.   It’s never before been attempted on live TV but will be seen next week when President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry team up to make a surprise appearance on Dancing With The Stars.

In fact, a “very serious series of steps” may occur on Dancing With The Stars, but our government will take no meaningful steps to punish Russia for annexing the Crimea.

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