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Consequence of Economics: Animal Farms

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

Nations and economies are different.  Nations exist for a particular people’s general welfare.  That general welfare includes their spiritual, psychological, financial and material wealth.  Nations recognize their people as intrinsically valuable.

Economies, on the other hand, only recognize their people as potentially profitable.  Nations see us as “people”.  Economies see us as “human resources”.

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Homeland, Homeland! Uber Alles!

"Homeland" = North American Union?

“Homeland” = North American Union?

Senator Diane Feinstein (Dem. CA) supports and defends spying on the American people by the National Security Agency (NSA).

Below, you’ll see a 37-second video of Senator Feinstein presenting a recently “declassified chart” (right) that lists 54 terrorists “events” that have been stopped by means of the spying conducted by the National Security Agency.

Of these 54 terrorist “events,” 13 were in the “Homeland,” 25 in Europe, 5 in Africa, and 11 in Asia.

It’s interesting that of the 54 events thwarted by the National Security Agency, 41 of them (76%) occurred in Europe, Asia and Africa and therefore outside of our “Nation”.  My first thoughts are to wonder 1) Why our National Security Agency stops three times as many terrorist events from occurring outside of our “nation” as they do within our “nation”;  and 2) Why the NSA should be justified in spying on Americans if 76% of the terrorist events which the NSA stops occur in foreign countries.

Why not let the foreign countries take care of their own terrorist events?  Why must the US be the world’s policeman?

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Japan is Dying

Japanese women playing go.

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Here’s a 3 minute video which reports that at least one of the Japanese nuclear reactor damaged by the tsunami has suffered an actual “breach“.  A “breach” indicates that radiation is escaping uncontrollably into the atmosphere.

More, the breach involves plutonium–the most poisonous substance known to man.  1 millionth of a gram of plutonium is allegedly sufficient to cause cancer. It’s been estimated that a mass of plutonium about the size of a baseball, equally divided among all the people on earth, might be enough to wipe out our species.

The nuclear reactor in Japan includes some unknown but significant mass of plutonium.   Some of that plutonium is now escaping into the atmosphere.

It’s likely that the “breach” will cause workers who are currently pumping water onto the hot, radioactive core to flee.  If so, there’ll be no more cooling for three nuclear reactors, full-blown meltdowns are likely to follow, and God only knows what will happen then.

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