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Natural Law vs National Emergency

Ernie Wayne Tertelgte [courtesy Google Images]

Ernie Wayne Tertelgte
[courtesy Google Images]

Keith Johnson is a journalist who writes for the American Free Press.  He recently asked to interview me about a recent court “victory” by a Montana “mountain man” named Ernie Wayne Tertelgte.  You can see an 8-minute video of Mr. Tertelgte’s courtroom conflict at

Because I only use Skype, Keith Johnson couldn’t call me.  Therefore, he sent an email to me that posed some questions concerning the Tertelgte courtroom strategy.

Here’s his email and then my response:

Mr. Adask

Thank you for your timely reply.  I’ve been an admirer of your work for many years.  I regularly read your blog and have enjoyed your radio shows and guest appearances on the Alex Jones Show and Cost to Coast.

I’ve written several pieces for Alex Jones’ Infowars before being hired as a writer for American Free Press, where I contribute one article per week.

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“Magical, Miraculous, Horrible”

English: A chunk of ice calving off of Margeri...

Iceberg calving off of glacier. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The largest iceberg “calving event” ever video-recorded.


Watch “full screen”.

1.  Official movie trailer (00:02:15):

2.  Excerpt from the movie (00:04:42):


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