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Rob Kirby interviewed by Greg Hunter

This is the first time I’ve heard Rob Kirby speak.  I’m impressed.

Kirby is the first man I’ve heard speak on the subject of derivatives who seems to know what he’s talking about.  But more, he’s one of the very few people who has a coherent understanding of what’s going on the world–deindustrialization of the west; disarming of America; violence in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and Gaza; financial fraud; creation of regional entities entities like the North American Union–the orchestrated creation of chaos leading towards global government.

Again, Rob Kirby’s understand of world affairs is impressive.

video   00:33:49


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Gen. Petraeus Reveals ‘North American Union’ Progress

This isn’t the best possible video on this subject.  Still, it makes some good points that deserve your consideration.

General Petraeus took an oath to defend this nation and our Constitution.  But he’s betrayed that oath by working to destroy this nation by merging it into Mexico and Canada.  There is no constitutional authority to merge The United States of America with any other nation.  Every S.O.B. American who works for the creation of the North American Union should be tried for treason.  If found guilty, hang ’em.  Every one.

Video   00:08:40


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