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Fukushima Could Be 85 Times Worse than Chernobyl

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English: Internationally recognized symbol.  Image:Radioactive.svg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sobering.  Worst case: global catastrophe.

It’s hard to listen to this video without thinking about End Times.

General Electric has built a number of nuclear power plants in the US that are reportedly identical to Fukushima Reactor #4.   If so, those US reactors may also store their radioactive waste on the roof of the reactors.  If the reactor building is destroyed, the nuclear waste might render hundreds, perhaps thousands, of square miles uninhabitable.

Nuclear power is a colossally stupid, short-sighted technology.  We get cheap energy for 20 to 50 years, then we have to figure out how to safely store the highly toxic, radioactive waste for thousands, perhaps even a million,  years. Given the storage problem, the nuclear power technology is insane.

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Japan is Dying III

Atomic bombing of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945.

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As opined in Japan is Dying, and Japan is Dying II, Japan is facing a host of problems that do not bode well for its ultimate survival.  I don’t expect Japan to suddenly expire in the next weeks or months.  I don’t doubt that twenty years from now, the nation of Japan will still be with us.  But Japan is in a state of decline that may be irreversible and, if Japan still exists in 20 years, it will not be the world’s 3rd largest economy.  Instead, Japan might not be in the top 10; maybe not even in the top 20. There are demographic (some claim 75% of Japanese woman are remaining unmarried and often childless) and technical (Fukushima) problems pushing Japan towards extinction or at least economic irrelevance.

Here’s another video describing the current state of affairs in regard to Japan’s failed Fukushima nuclear reactors.

Included in this video are reports that some or all of Tokyo might have to be evacuated.  I find it hard to believe that such evacuation will take place.  But the fact that it’s being considered is evidence that Fukushima is the single worst nuclear catastrophe in human history.  (So far.)

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Chernobyl Roulette

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After Fukushima, the nuclear power industry can’t catch a break.

Record-high flood levels on the Missouri River are threatening the operation of Nebraska’s Fort Calhoun nuclear power generator.  If any one of six Missouri dams breaks, the result could be an “inland tsunami” which might have a result similar to that of the tsunami that hit the Fukushima nuclear power plant.  (Coincidentally, it’s already reported that the Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant is experiencing a “level 4″ emergency.  There is some sort of fire taking place in the plant even before the Missouri floodwaters reach the reactor building.)

In Nebraska, we’re seeing another instance of man’s technological hubris being bruised (and potentially crushed) by the forces of nature.

It becomes increasingly apparent that nuclear power is “too hot to handle” and may be too dangerous to be employed anywhere.

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