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Extraordinary Interview with George Soros

George Soros [courtesy Google Images]

George Soros
[courtesy Google Images]

George Soros is an 86-year old Hungarian multi-billionaire.  Somewhat like the “Goldfinger” character in the A.D. 1964 James Bond movie, Soros is determined to destroy The United States of America.   Soros strikes me an an ugly and wicked old man.  I’ve wondered for years why some “lone gunman” hasn’t whacked him.

Here’s an extraordinary video of a Soros interview where we can see that he’s become so feeble, shaky and almost incoherent that he’s likely to die or become completely incapacitated even before crooked Hillary.  I can’t say I’m displeased.

In any case, Soros has apparently lost his capacity for discretion and therefore made some extraordinary admissions during his interview.

For example, he said:


•  “We have discovered the Achilles heel of western civilization.”


Why would Soros gloat over that discovery if he didn’t intend to destroy “western civilization”?  Of what use could an “Achilles Heel” be if not as a means to destroy an adversary?

What is the “western civilization” that Soros seeks to destroy?

At it’s foundation, “western civilization” is Christendom.  It’s a civilization, culture and system of values that’s fundamentally based on the Christian faith.  Soros is apparently at war with Christianity and the Christ.
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Obama Campaigns for Donald Trump

It’s a long time since you’ve heard Obama tell the truth, isn’t it?

video     00:01:27


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The Puppet Master

George Soros: Puppet Master [courtesy Google Images]

George Soros: Puppet Master
[courtesy Google Images]

Technocracy News published “Al Gore Got Millions From George Soros To Push ‘Aggressive U.S. Action’ On Global Warming”. According to that article, previously secret email from billionaire George Soros have been hacked. Those email reveal that:


Former Vice President and Trilateral Commission member Al Gore secretly took millions from George Soros to push climate change [and deceive] the American public into accepting global warming propaganda that had nothing to do with real science and everything to do with a secret political and economic agenda.

According to leaked documents, liberal billionaire George Soros gave former Vice President Al Gore’s environmental group millions of dollars over three years to create a ‘political space for aggressive U.S. action’ on global warming. That included budgeting $10 million in annual support to Gore’s climate group over three years.”

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Singer or Song?

President Obama and his wife Michelle attended the 2015 Kennedy Center Honors tribute to Carole King.  During that tribute, Aretha Franklin performed “You Make Me Feel like a Natural Woman”.  Obama started crying.

Most people suppose that President Obama’s tears were brought on by seeing the “Queen of Soul”–a music icon since the 1960s–take the stage and perform.  That could be.

But I wonder if it was less the singer (Aretha Franklin) that brought tears to Obama’s eyes than the song (“You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman”).

Did the the song remind Obama of some former (current?) lover who’d made Obama “feel like a natural woman”?   Did that song make Obama recall tender moments when he was first, or maximally made to “feel like a natural woman”?

Inquiring minds wanna know.

If you watch the following video closely, you’ll see that there’s a moment (about two minutes into the video) when Obama is really into the song and starts to belt out “You make me feel like a natural woman!,” but realizes he’s being video-taped and it might make him look a little “odd” if he sings that lyric, so he cuts it short at “You make m . . . .”

Gotta protect the public image.

So, watcha think?  What made Obama cry?  Singer or song?

video  00:03:50


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“A Criminal Investigation is being Rigged”

The following video is not “news”.  It’s about two months old.  Still, it raises important insights in the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server to handle her official email–and of President Obama’s determination to shield her from any adverse consequences of that investigation..

According to this video, despite promises or constitutional obligations to the contrary, last April, President Obama was working to rig the Hillary Clinton indictment process.  In essence, Obama achieved this rigging by claiming that Hillary’s use of a private email server had done no harm and should therefore be ignored. (You might try to use a similar defense next you’re stopped for drunk driving.  Just tell the cop that, so far, you hadn’t killed anyone, and therefore should be released to keep driving drunk to your home.)

The key point in this video is that Obama couldn’t have known whether Hillary’s conduct had or had not been harmless unless he’d already conducted his own investigation into the relevant facts. If President Obama had conducted his own investigation of the allegations against Hillary, it becomes apparent that he was not relying on the FBI to conduct the one and only “official” investigation.

It’s unlikely that Obama has any official means to conduct an investigation of his own that preempts and supplants the official investigation conducted by the FBI.  Even if Obama had such means, which investigation’s results should be relied on–those of the political investigation mounted by President Obama–or those of the “official” investigation mounted by the FBI?

Obama’s bias in favor of exonerating Hillary seems apparent.

video    00:07:06


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Clinton/Obama War: Obama’s “Awful Legacy”

Keep Your Friends Close-- and Your Enemies Closer. [courtesy Google Images]

Keep Your Friends Close–
and Your Enemies Closer.
[courtesy Google Images]

The Washington Examiner published an article entitled “Bill Clinton slams Barack Obama’s ‘awful legacy’.”

Ooo–“awful legacy“–sounds juicy.

According to The Washington Examiner,


“In a speech Monday to support Hillary Clinton’s campaign, former President Bill Clinton asked Democratic voters to shrug off the “awful legacy” of President Obama’s years in office.

“According to Bill Clinton,’Now if you don’t believe we can all grow together again, if you don’t believe we’re ever going to grow again, if you believe it’s more important to re-litigate the past, there may be many reasons that you don’t want to support her.’


I can just about hear Hillary shouting at Bill “Thanks, you stupid S.O.B., for admitting there may be many reasons not to vote for me!”

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Russian Video Depicts Obama as Devil

The Washington Times (“Obama depicted as murderous devil in downtown Moscow“):


“A video depicting President Obama feasting on the souls of a half-million people was reportedly projected onto buildings in downtown Moscow early Friday along with a message calling for him to be tried in international court.

“Video footage uploaded to YouTube shows a computer-generated version of Mr. Obama picking up little spheres colored in the national flags of several countries and placing them in his mouth.

“The president’s face gradually turns red and horns sprout from his head as he begins to chew and symbolically destroys the populations of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine and Libya.”
Obama is not only despised by many Americans–he’s also managed to antagonize, alienate  and even terrify some people around the world.

The significance of this story is not that some private Russians pulled a “prank” by projecting an animated video of Obama on some building’s walls.  The significance is that The Washington Times chose to report on that “prank” and thereby gave it both exposure and credence.  I’d bet that Obama is highly incensed by the  Times’ choice.

A lot of Americans will see that video and nod in agreement.

video   00:01:07



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