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Somebody Stands Up Against the Police State

Or More Necessary [courtesy Google Images]

Or More Necessary
[courtesy Google Images]

The following video might make you angry.  Or it might bring tears to your eyes.  A man risks his life rather than surrender to the police state.

Watch the cop.  See how casually he holds his gun pointed more or less at the “detainee”.  See how the cop casually looks around, walks around, and at times doesn’t even pay close attention to the detainee.

If I were that cop, and I truly thought that detainee posed a threat to me, I would not take my eyes off of him.  I would not hold my gun casually in just one hand; I’d have my feet set and I’d be holding that gun solidly in two hands, aimed directly and precisely at the perceived threat.

The fact that the fat pig holds his gun casually and isn’t really focused on the alleged “threat” posed by the detainee indicates that the cop didn’t really believe the suspect was truly threatening.  Apparently, the cop gets off by strutting around, waving a gun and scaring people. The cop’s conduct indicates that he’s waving his gun around as a terroristic act intended to  intimidate the public rather than to defend himself.

Apparently, the cops didn’t actually shoot the suspect.  They succeeded in terrifying him, alright–but they didn’t shoot him.  Why not?  Perhaps, because the suspect was defending himself with a video camera–and with a measure of courage.

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$150 Dashcam Saves Driver from Ticket

If I were in a similar position, I wouldn’t merely use the video to stop my traffic ticket. I’d use the video as evidence to sue the cop for fraud, “tampering with a government record,” official oppression or some such and to sue the police department for employing a liar. I’ll bet the city would easily settle out of court for $25,000 to $50,000.

Two things I dislike about the dashcam:

1) it’s obvious and easily seen; I’d like a model that’s more stealthy and less obvious; and

2) it apparently runs only while the car is running. If the cop orders to turn off your engine, your video stops. I’d want a dashcam that could be turned on to run even after the car was turned off.

video   00:01:64


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America’s Finest

Two more tributes to the policy of hiring cops with low IQs.

Our laws are being enforced by moronic brutes who don’t have brains enough to understand the laws they enforce. All these morons are capable of understanding is brute force. Allowing these morons to enjoy official or good faith immunity is like allowing 16-year-old boys to freely get drunk and drive a Ferrari. These people don’t have brains enough to be entrusted with the job of being police officers.

If there aren’t at least some intelligent police officers in every police department, there’ll be no one around to restrain the rest of the morons from committing crimes.

•  Kill one

video   00:02:25

•  Grope two

video   00:05:48


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Somebody Didn’t Get His Donut

English: A pink, frosted doughnut bought from ...

In Case of Emergency, Break Glass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A man and his wife/girlfriend video-tape a cop and assert their rights.  The cop (presumably with an IQ of 85 and low blood sugar) loses it.  A second cop (presumably with an IQ of 100 and moderate blood sugar levels), calms the first cop and prevents what may have been an episode of police abuse.

Pretty funny.  Even a little inspiring.  The man and woman were laughing at the cop.  They were armed with a video camera.  And they weren’t afraid. Ooooo–that makes cops mad.

video   00:06:04


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Truck Driver Nearly Beaten to Death By Police For Not Signing Traffic Ticket

The Supreme Court has ruled that cops can lie to us, that they have no duty to protect us, and that they enjoy immunities that effectively place them above the law.

Cops know they can routinely abuse people and get away with it. Therefore, they just look you in the eye, lie, smirk and sometimes cave your head in with a club. Worst case for the cop? After beating up a taxpayer, a civil judgment of, say, $5 million, may be assessed against the state government to be paid by the rest of the taxpayers. When a cop pulls this crap, he should lose his house, car, savings and pension and 25% of his income for the next 10 years. Plus, he should be charged with criminal assault and jailed for 3 to 5. Minimum. The people charged with enforcing the law can’t be deemed to be above the law.

video   00:07:22


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Police Caught on Video Beating a Woman

English: Mariah Carey performing live in Las Vegas

Mariah Carey performing live in Las Vegas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The video below is unremarkable.  Two cops beat up some woman.  It’s not like it’s never happened before.  If you’re inclined, you can probably find hundreds of videos on YouTube of police caught beating seemingly innocent people.  

But this video is different because I saw it posted on when I opened my email account this morning.

YouTube publishes everything.  When it comes to police abuse videos, YouTube posts lots of them.  But in doing so, YouTube seems to be so much of an “alternative” media outlet, that we’re not surprised or impressed by police abuse videos.  YouTube has volume, but it doesn’t have “weight”.

But Yahoo, on the other hand, strikes me as more “mainstream” than YouTube.  Yahoo has more credibility, more “weight” with the average American.

So, when I see a police abuse video posted on Yahoo (right next to a video about whatever Mariah Carey wore at a recent concert), I’m impressed.  The Yahoo posting tells me that police abuse is no longer a fringe issue, but has instead become as “mainstream” as Mariah Carey’s costumes.  If so, we can expect to see police abuse as an increasingly important issue in the mainstream media as well as in the A.D. 2014 election.

The rising tide against police abuse reminds me of President Obama’s recent announcement that the war on terror must wind down and even his use of drones to assassinate “terrorists” would also be diminished.  It’s too early to say for sure, but it appears that the “imperial” federal government and the heretofore growing “police state” know that they’ve gone too far, become so overtly tyrannical that they’ve alienated too many Americans.  Perhaps Obama, the government and the cops realize they’re going to have to rehabilitate their images by “playing nice” for a while.

If so, that’s evidence that we’re winning.  Our dissidents’ numbers are growing too large to be ignored.

video  00:05:39  (No sound on the video.)


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“Craigslist Proved My Innocence Against A Felony Charge”

A West Point graduate and former Army officer sees a woman being abused by cops.   He hollers to tell them stop. He video-records the cops.  The cops rough him up, arrest him and charge him with a felony.

He advertises on Craigslist for anyone who witnessed the event and, amazingly, someone replies who also video’d the same event.  That second video causes the grand jury to refuse to indict him for a felony.  He becomes involved in the “Peaceful Streets” project that, in part, encourages people to carry cameras for the principle purpose of video-recording cops while they stop, arrest and sometimes abuse, private people.  Peaceful Streets has now spread to several other cities.

This remarkable video doesn’t merely show how a man avoided being charged with a felony.  It shows how all of us can help curb the police state by simply using cellphone cameras to routinely record police activities.  We live in a surveillance society.  There’s no reason why cops should be exempt from that surveillance. When the cops know that they may be being video-recorded at virtually every moment they’re on duty, their inclination to abuse people will be inhibited and their conduct should improve dramatically.

Applause, applause!

video     00:06:39


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