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Ron Paul’s Liberty Movement

Some people say our circumstances are hopeless.  We are overpowered by superior government forces and condemned to defeat by our own ignorance and apathy.

Others say that We the People are the 800-pound gorilla, things are not hopeless, and we can take this country back any time we decide to all stand up at the same time.  I subscribe to this second perspective.  So does Ron Paul.  So do a lot of other Americans, and their numbers are growing.

You can curse the darkness or light a candle.  Take your pick.

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It’s Not Hopeless

Sidewalk cafe

Sidewalk cafe (Photo credit: La Citta Vita)

Positive change is possible.  Especially at the local level.  We can restore and improve this country one block at a time.

Here’s a video of a man  who’s demonstrating that philosophy not only works, but may even be relatively easy in the midst of our current recession/ depression.  Local governments will cooperate with almost any plan that might reinvigorate their streets and businesses.




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John Bush Returns to Speak Before Austin City Council

John Bush, Freedom Fighter

Last August, John Bush–a political activist at Austin, Texas–was ejected from an Austin City Council meeting and banned from returning for one year.  Reason?  The Austin City Council didn’t like what he had to say.  Recently, the City Council terminated their ban and allowed Mr. Bush to again speak at that public forum.

Here’s his return speech.  Note that while Mr. Bush brought some notes with him, he speaks primarily from his heart and mind.  By speaking, he’s having far more effect than if he were shooting or bombing.   Judging from this video, Mr. Bush may soon be elected as a member of the City Council that previously banned him, or even as congressman.  This guy’s good.  If we can find a few more like Mr. Bush, we just might save this country from the fascists.

video   00:03:36


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Now, That’s a Plan!

Ron Paul taking questions in Manchester, NH

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Congressman Ron Paul wants to abolish the IRS, end the Federal Reserve, end the welfare state, stop policing the world and end support for big gov-co.



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May God Damn the Police State

A silhouette showing a police officer striking...

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A homeless man, Kelly Thomas, was beaten to death and arguably murdered by six employees of the Fullerton, California police department.

Public outrage is growing and even threatening the city council.  Is the murder of a homeless man what it finally takes to arouse the public to reassert their authority over their cities and police forces?

video   00:03:15


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Could Internet Games Spawn Political Revolutions?

2008 Intel Developer Forum Taiwan: MID Keynote...

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The world invests 3 billion hours per week playing internet games.  The 2-minute video below suggests that the reason for spending so much time on games is that too many people are inadequately stressed in our daily lives.  I.e., our daily lives have become so organized and “tame” that they’ve become meaningless, so we’re seeking more “action” in an imaginary world of hi-tech, internet games.

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Gov-co Gropes Jesse; Jesse Sues Gov-co

Jesse Ventura

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Jesse Ventura, former Navy SEAL, world wrestling star and governor of Minnesota objects to being groped by TSA airport staff–so he’s suing the SOBs.

Given Jesse’s flair for showmanship, this should be a show.

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