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Republican Leaders Prefer Hillary to Trump

Republican Leaders Prefer the "Bad Girl" to the "Bad Boy" [courtesy Google Images]

Republican Leaders Prefer the “Bad Girl” to the “Bad Boy”
[courtesy Google Images]

The day before the Super Tuesday primary elections, The Washington Times published an article entitledTrump eyes Super Tuesday landslide as Republicans beg voters to back away”.  According to that article:


“The GOP presidential field mounted a last-ditch effort to derail Donald Trump ahead of Super Tuesday’s slate of primaries.

“Stunned by polls showing Mr. Trump easily leading in most of the dozen states that vote Tuesday—and a new poll showing him approaching majority support among Republicans nationwide—Republican leaders, strategists and candidates pleaded with voters to back away from Mr. Trump.”


Rank and file Republicans—ordinary Americans—have pushed Trump to the top of the polls.  Republican leaders, however, are trying to derail Trump’s candidacy.

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Ron Paul’s Liberty Movement

Some people say our circumstances are hopeless.  We are overpowered by superior government forces and condemned to defeat by our own ignorance and apathy.

Others say that We the People are the 800-pound gorilla, things are not hopeless, and we can take this country back any time we decide to all stand up at the same time.  I subscribe to this second perspective.  So does Ron Paul.  So do a lot of other Americans, and their numbers are growing.

You can curse the darkness or light a candle.  Take your pick.

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Political Choice

The United States Supreme Court.

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The Supreme Court of the United States ruled in Baker v  Carr that federal courts were incapable of answering a “political question”.  This raises the possibility that if a sophisticated defendant based his defense on the presence of a “political question,” the federal courts might be precluded from hearing or deciding the case.

I’ve therefore become a student of the concept of “political”.  Political choice, political decisions, political argument, political doctrine are on my radar.

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