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Judge Andrew Napolitano: Reflections on the Loss of Liberty

This is a brilliant speech.  Not merely entertaining, but educational.  Absolutely worth your time.  Worth your study. At one point in the Q&A, Napolitano admits that the States have become “administrative districts” of the federal government.

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Snap, Crapple, Pop! Ricin Krispies!

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

I don’ want no “ricin krispies”!  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Washington Times reports,

“The FBI and U.S. Capitol police were investigating Wednesday letters addressed to Mr. Obama and to Sen. Roger Wicker, Mississippi Republican, that contained a “suspicious substance” that field-tested positive for the poison ricin. The letters were intercepted at off-site mail facilities, a Secret Service spokesman said.

“The letter to the White House arrived Tuesday. Authorities evacuated some Senate offices Wednesday as they investigated another report of a suspicious package.”


“With the nation on edge from deadly terrorist bombings in Boston and suspicious letters mailed to Washington officials, the White House said Wednesday it’s premature to speculate that America is under attack.

“Before we speculate, before we make connections that we don’t know exist, as the FBI has said, we need to get the facts,” said White House spokesman Jay Carney. “First things first.”

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