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Radio Script 150916

Live Radio Script [courtesy Google Images]

Live Radio Script
[courtesy Google Images]

Proposed articles for today’s Financial Survival radio show.  Maybe they’ll be used; maybe not.


Tonight’s GOP Debates

The Washington Examiner (“GOP field seeks to get out of Trump’s shadow in debate”) reports:


“A diminished but still confident crowd of Republican contenders takes the stage for the second televised debate here tonight looking to re-energize their campaigns and reset the terms of the 2016 contest.

“Perhaps the most distinguished GOP field of White House hopefuls in a generation was overshadowed and overtaken this summer by political outsiders who have never held (and in some cases, run) for office. New York businessman/entertainer Donald Trump continues to lead in nearly every state and national poll, with retired pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson nipping at his heels. Former technology executive Carly Fiorina also vaulted into contention since the first televised debate in August.

“That ups the stakes for the eight other Republicans who were invited to participate in CNN’s prime time debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in this suburb just north of Los Angeles. For some, it’s a matter of using their camera time to increase their name recognition among a GOP electorate that is still largely doesn’t know who they are. For others with higher initial expectations, the event could be a crucial turning point.

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Radio Script 150915

Live Radio [courtesy Google Images]

Live Radio
[courtesy Google Images]

I co-host five, one-hour radio shows each week.  The program is called Financial Survival and airs live between 3PM and 4PM (Central time) on and as well as short wave, satellite and four AM stations around the country.

I write a script for each day’s radio shows (except for those days when we have guests)  I probably average four scripts per week.  Each script contains three to five topics gleaned from the mainstream news plus my comments on those topics.Sometimes we talk about some of those topics on the radio.  Sometimes we don’t talk about any of them.

Although these “scripts” have a shoot-from-the-hip quality, I think that some of them offer an idea or insight that might be of interest to readers on this blog.  Therefore, in hopes that readers might glean a little insight, I’m going to start publishing my daily scripts on this blog.

Here’s today’s:

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Hillary Throws Her Hat in the Ring

HillaryHatOn Sunday, April 12th, Hillary Clinton officially entered the A.D. 2016 Presidential race by releasing a two-minute video entitled, Getting Started.  With that video, Hillary “threw her hat into the ring” of A.D. 2016 presidential candidates.  She wanted to throw a lamp, but her husband, Bill, and her campaign managers advised against it, saying she’d already thrown enough lamps.

The New York Times article (“Hillary Clinton Starts to Detail Rationale for Run as Campaign Begins”) described that video.  Here are some excerpts from that article and my comments:


“Fought Their Way Back”

According to Hillary:


 “Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times, but the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top.”

First, as a group, Americans have not “fought their way back from tough economic times.”  We have, so far, merely survived the Great Recession—but We the People haven’t “fought back” against anything except threats to cut our entitlements.

Our current economy may not be declining as rapidly as it did in A.D. 2008-2009, but the economy remains stagnant and, for most Americans, the Great Recession persists.  Whatever “fighting” has taken place so far, that “fighting” is far from finished because our “tough economic times” aren’t over.  They’ve just begun.

I won’t say that Hillary’s comment about “fighting back” is a lie, but it’s close.

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Diverting public attention from the truth [courtesy Google Images]

Diverting public attention from the truth
[courtesy Google Images]

Over the past two weeks, the story of Bowe Bergdahl (America’s last known prisoner of war) has unfolded before the American people.

At first, Bergdahl release after five years in captivity by the Taliban made him something of a hero. His release was cause for celebration. Hooray!

But then, the news started to reveal that Bergdahl may have been a deserter. Some suggested he may have even converted to Islam.

Now what? Is he a good guy or bad guy?  A hero or a traitor?

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A.D. 2010: Zibniew Brzezinski “It is infinitely easier to kill 1 million people than it is to control them.”

Even though this video clip is four years old, it offers much insight into global and national interests, politics, and loss of governmental control over the media and therefore over the minds of the people.

There’s far more in this brief video than his comment that “it’s now easier to kill 1 million people than it is to control them.”  That comment is certainly sensational, but I believe he was making an observation rather than a recommendation.  I don’t think he’s using that comment to advocate mass murder.  I think he’s using that comment to illustrate how, thanks to the internet, governments around the world have lost their ability to “control” the opinions held by their citizens.

Don’t be fooled by Brzezinski’s evil appearance.  I’m not here to argue that he is or isn’t “evil”.  But I am here to say that he’s an almost astonishingly brilliant man whose ability to write and communicate are remarkable.  Almost every phrase in Brzezinski’s brief speech offers significant insight.  Brzezinski distilled more information and implication into the following 7 minute video than most people can communicate in an hour.

Don’t be blinded by his most sensational comments.  Some of his less sensational comments may be more profound.

Brzezinski’s essential point is that governments everywhere are losing control.

video   00:07:50


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Burning Bridges to Obama

Change even Obama can believe in.

A former Obama supporter changes her mind.

In and of itself, this video is not profound. Some of it is almost silly.  But as a leaf in the breeze, the video offers a clue as to which way the political wind is blowing among American youth.  If this video is representative of the political perspective of America’s youth, Democrats are headed for a lot of trouble in next November’s election. So is big government.

I think the tide’s beginning to turn. I think America has had just about enough of the treasonous whores in the cat-house on the Potomac and just about enough of the police state where cops can kill with impunity. I think that unless “big government” can somehow install and maintain an overt dictatorship within the next two years, the election of A.D. 2016 may mark the end of the line for “big government”. A.D. 2016 may even present an opportunity for the creation of a new, third party dedicated to the fundamental, spiritual principles (like Liberty) on which this nation was founded.

video   00:04:01


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Ron Paul’s Liberty Movement

Some people say our circumstances are hopeless.  We are overpowered by superior government forces and condemned to defeat by our own ignorance and apathy.

Others say that We the People are the 800-pound gorilla, things are not hopeless, and we can take this country back any time we decide to all stand up at the same time.  I subscribe to this second perspective.  So does Ron Paul.  So do a lot of other Americans, and their numbers are growing.

You can curse the darkness or light a candle.  Take your pick.

video   00:04:32


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