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Detroit Files for Bankruptcy

Today, Detroit.  Tomorrow, the U.S.?  (courtesy Google Images)

Today, Detroit. Tomorrow, the U.S.? (courtesy Google Images)

Detroit has been mismanaged and allowed its industrial based to wither over the past 2 or 3 decades.  As a result, we could see Detroit’s financial collapse coming for many years.  Although insolvency was resisted for several years, the inevitable arrived on Thursday when the City of Detroit filed for bankruptcy.

The amount of money Detroit actually owes is unclear but is believed to be between $18 and $20 billion.

The population of Detroit is now about 700,000.

If we divide the Detroit’s debt ($20 billion) by Detroit’s population (700,000) the result is a “fair share” of roughly $25,000 in city debt for every man, woman and child in Detroit.

This suggests that when a government’s debt reaches a “fair share” level of $25,000 per person, that government may be in trouble.

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Gerald Celente: The World is Heading into World War III

This image was selected as a picture of the we...

Nuclear bomb explosion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gerald Celente is founder/creator of the Trends Journal.  He studies scores of economic and political “indicators,” weights those indicators according to their reliability and impact on the nation and economy, and combines them in a proprietary “formula” to generate predictions of the future.  His predictions aren’t foolproof but, over the years, he’s made some fantastic predictions that’ve turned out to be true.

In the following video, Mr.Celente offers passionate warnings and dire predictions that a nuclear World War III is fast approaching.

If he’s right, we won’t go into WWIII by accident or due to a miscalculation of some third-world dictator or “terrorist”.  We’ll go because people in positions of global power–including President Obama–are sufficiently mad and/or satanic to want nuclear war.

Note that Mr. Celente does not seem to suggest that we’re heading into all-out, global thermonuclear war.  Instead, he seems to imply that only a relatively few nuclear weapons will be detonated at various major cities around the world.  Nevertheless, he implies that the consequences of those few nuclear weapons will be devastating as complex national infrastructure disintegrates, survivors start to starve and then predate on each other.  Thus, the ultimate threat may not be the H-bombs so much as your starving neighbors.   

I can’t know if Mr. Celente’s prediction is accurate or not.  Even he won’t say if his prediction is expected in A.D. 2013, 2014 or later.  But, he doesn’t deny that his predicted WWIII could start this year.  Assuming Mr. Celente’s prediction has any validity, now might not be a bad time to stock up on food, water, guns, ammo, gold and silver–and perhaps get clear of major population centers.

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