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“America Is Gone” . . . ?

The Reverend James David Manning makes some very insightful and passionate observations about America, Trump, Blacks, Whites and spiritual warfare.  He can deliver a sermon that makes everyone, Blacks and Whites squirm with guilt.  Manning takes no prisoners.

I admire Dr.Manning’s passion.  He reminds me of my own passion which I’d almost forgotten and left to grow weak and apathetic.  And, as much as I hate to sound like Bill Clinton, I truly feel Pastor Manning’s pain as I, too, see this nation moving ever closer to destruction.

Reverend Manning is right.  Our political problems are actually spiritual problems.  Trump won’t make America Great Again.  Trump can’t make America Great Again–unless Americans first choose to make America spiritual again.  American will not be restored until Americans choose to regain and strengthen their Christian faith.

American is gone.  It won’t return unless and until we first turn back to our Father YHWH ha elohiym.

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Outlaw Morgan speaks on White Privilege

Hate speech or truth speech?

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“Black People Don’t Like Niggaz”

“Niggaz are so violent that if you speak out against them, they will kill you.”

“Someday, Blacks will realize that niggaz are their downfall.”

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The War Between Africans & African-Americans

I have a friend who sometimes works with an African immigrant (a man born in Africa).  I haven’t met that immigrant.  But, according to my friend, that immigrant is markedly different from, and feels oppressed by, African-Americans.

That’s the small extent of my experience with and awareness of the tension that may exist between some African-Americans and some Africans.

However, here’s a video that expresses a level of animosity held by some African-Americans against African immigrants that I had not previously heard of or suspected.  The rage that’s visible and audible in this video is mesmerizing.

There are a bunch of comments I could make, but I don’t even know where to begin.  This video offers a glimpse into the rage some African-Americans experience that I find chilling.  I’m not talking about who’s right, who’s wrong or who’s crazy.  I’m just amazed at the amount of rage that I see here that “just is”.

How can you even begin to deal with the kinds of problems I see in this video?

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The Problem With Detroit Is . . . .

Pastor James Manning bears a terrible burden.  He’s trying to tell the truth to his own people and they refuse to hear.  I don’t envy the man, but I do admire him.

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Liberal federal judge who outlawed racial profiling now a victim of black mob violence

Super-rich, super-liberal, super-political-campaign-contributor attorney gets his wife appointed as Federal Judge.   She is also liberal and, after being appointed Federal Judge, rules for blacks in a racial profiling case.

Later, three blacks invade the home of the liberal Federal Judge and her liberal attorney husband.

Can you say “karma” boys and girls?

How ’bout “What goes around, comes around.”

One other point:  Can you imagine how dumb you’ve got to be to invade the home of a Federal Judge?  The three blacks who committed this crime will probably get at least 5 years in the slammer.  That should be almost enough for them to get their GEDs.

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“America Is Sick of Black Men”

The following video reminds me of a classic Chris Rock joke from the 1990s.  Talking about race relations in his neighborhood in New York city, Rock said something like,   “Whites are getting along with blacks; blacks are getting along with whites–but somebody gotta do somethin’ ’bout dese niggers!”  That joke was hilarious and shocking 15 or 20 years ago.  Today, it’s old news.

But that joke illustrates that there’s a schism in the “African-American community”:  There’s both good blacks and bad niggers.  Not all blacks hate whites.  Not all niggers are out to get “Whitey”.  More than a few good blacks are ashamed of their race.

The truth is that good blacks are more likely to be robbed, raped or killed by a worthless niggers than they are by white cops.  Good blacks have more to fear from niggas than whites.  And yet, the “good blacks” tend to keep their mouths shut in order to support blacks in relation to whites.

Result?  The good blacks are afraid to to speak out against the bad niggers.  Afraid to speak out in self-defense, the good blacks are also inhibited from acting in self-defense.  Unable or unwilling to speak out and defend themselves against the race-rioting mantras of bad niggers, the whole black community becomes increasingly despised, ignored and abandoned.

But, here’s a video of one black man who’s willing to speak out and run the risk of telling unpleasant truths about the “complete and utter dysfunction of the African-American Negro”.  This man is saying what many whites and some blacks are thinking but almost no black or white is willing to say in public.

So long as good blacks feel compelled to keep silent, pretend they don’t see the truth, and maintain their “politically correct” personas, sooner or later, we may see all of that pent-up truth suddenly erupt in an episode of violence unseen since the Civil War.  It’s time for some honest discussion about race.  Not just about whites, but about blacks too, and most of all, about niggers.

The heart of the discussion might go to “entitlements”.  I believe the idea that some of us enjoy special “entitlements” for which we have not personally worked for and earned is dangerous and self-destructive to individuals as well as nations.  Entitlements are based on the presumption that one group (as innocent victims of previous injustice) is “entitled” by that injustice to collect money from a second group who is “obligated” to pay for having committed that injustice.  Entitlements aren’t charity.  They are based on the idea that one group or another is involuntarily compelled by law to support another group.  In the case of blacks and whites we have entitlement programs that allow blacks (who’ve never personally been slaves) to make claims on whites (who’ve never personally owned slaves) for the crime of slavery that ended most of a century before most of us were born.

The fundamental idea behind affirmative action is that we will end racism against blacks by mandating racism against whites.  Whitey doesn’t say much about being subjected to racism for crimes he never committed, but he’s thinking about it–and he’ll get made about it if the economy collapses and people tend to lose their standard of living.

In fact, there isn’t one of us who is “entitled” to one dime that he/she hasn’t personally earned.  Entitlements for some are involuntary servitude for others who are forced to pay for those entitlements.  Entitlements for some is slavery for others.  Involuntary servitude is expressly prohibited by the 13th Amendment within the States of the Union (States of “The United States of America”).  It’s not prohibited within Washington DC and/or the territories or states of the “United States”.

The video below is sometimes repetitive and sprinkled with coarse language.  But the speaker is trying to tell some painful truth.   You can see that he’s not merely angry or hurt, he’s ashamed of much of his own race.  That’s a terrible personal burden.  He’s telling his own race that the problems in the black community are caused by blacks and/or Democrats rather than white racism.

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