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Ohio Foreclosure Stopped by “Real Party in Interest” Objection

Here’s an A.D. 2008 Ohio case that offers an almost spectacular degree of insight into Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 17(a), the concept of standing, and why many of the mortgages in this country can’t be legally foreclosed. As usual, my comments are [bold, bracketed blue]. “You can follow the links to a pristine copy of the case.)

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FRCP 17(a), Ratification of Commencement & Real Party In Interest

This last week, an email briefly banged around the internet concerning “ratification of commencement,” “real party in interest” and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCPs) # 17. That email alleged that the “ratification of commencement” was “vitally important info,” “the missing link to our processes,” and caused the email’s author to be “stunned by the revelation of this rule 17 and its impact on EVERY CASE in this country.”

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