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Shades of Bundy

Spokane, Washington.  “Armed Patriots Stand Against Feds!”

I can’t say that the number of patriot/fed confrontations is large, but it may be growing.  I wonder how common these “confrontations” may become before somebody does something foolish and a number of people are wounded or killed.

Then what?   Another “shot heard round the world”?  Abject surrender to tyranny?  Patriot snipers?

Somebody’d better start paying attention.  The American People are showing signs of real (armed) resistance to government tyranny.  Either some idiot in government is going to order “kill them,” of the feds will have to pull in their horns and, maybe, start once again serving the People.

Note where one federal official says, “This is federal property; you can’t bring guns here.”  Then, another official says, “If you want to leave, step onto public property,” which is apparently just a few feet away.   These statements don’t prove anything.  They may be nothing more than inadvertent remarks.  But the two statements at least suggests that the “right to keep and bear arms” exists within the States of the Union, even within the states of the United States, but not within “federal property”.

video   00:06:53

P.S. (March 12th, A.D. 2015) The day after I posted the video (above) The Washington Times published an article headlined “2 officers shot in Ferguson, St. Louis County police confirm.”   There was a nighttime demonstration outside the Ferguson, Missouri police department.  It was beginning to wind down about midnight.  Some police officers had already headed for home.  Then several shots were fired and two cops were hit–one in the shoulder, one in the face.

At this moment, I don’t know if the cop shot in the face has been merely wounded or has died.

As I predicted in yesterday’s comments on the video above, somebody has done something “foolish”.  The cops will claim that gunman did something “foolish” by shooting two cops.  The gunman will claim that the copse did something foolish when they shot 18-year old Michael Brown last summer.

Once these feuds start, who can clearly identify the greater fool who precipitated the confrontation.

How will cops across the country react.

I don’t know.

I do know that, today, American law enforcement are a little more paranoid than they were yesterday.  What remains to be seen is how the cops will generally react.  Will most cops now tend increasingly to shoot at anyone they deem to pose a threat?  Or will most cops realize that more they shoot unarmed people, the more that armed people will ambush cops?

I doubt that there’ll be a single answer to those questions.  Some cops will increasingly tend to shoot first and ask questions later.  Others will resist the temptation to shoot and instead try to be “reasonable”.

But, are we reaching a point where “reason” is increasingly improbable?

Ohh, and what about Obama and the ATF–will they exploit these shootings by pushing for more gun control?

I’m pretty sure I know the answer to that one.


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Somebody Stands Up Against the Police State

Or More Necessary [courtesy Google Images]

Or More Necessary
[courtesy Google Images]

The following video might make you angry.  Or it might bring tears to your eyes.  A man risks his life rather than surrender to the police state.

Watch the cop.  See how casually he holds his gun pointed more or less at the “detainee”.  See how the cop casually looks around, walks around, and at times doesn’t even pay close attention to the detainee.

If I were that cop, and I truly thought that detainee posed a threat to me, I would not take my eyes off of him.  I would not hold my gun casually in just one hand; I’d have my feet set and I’d be holding that gun solidly in two hands, aimed directly and precisely at the perceived threat.

The fact that the fat pig holds his gun casually and isn’t really focused on the alleged “threat” posed by the detainee indicates that the cop didn’t really believe the suspect was truly threatening.  Apparently, the cop gets off by strutting around, waving a gun and scaring people. The cop’s conduct indicates that he’s waving his gun around as a terroristic act intended to  intimidate the public rather than to defend himself.

Apparently, the cops didn’t actually shoot the suspect.  They succeeded in terrifying him, alright–but they didn’t shoot him.  Why not?  Perhaps, because the suspect was defending himself with a video camera–and with a measure of courage.

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You Have to Let the Public Talk

“Entire Park District Board Placed Under Citizen’s Arrest”

How cool!  Ten years ago, the board would’ve laughed at a citizen’s arrest.  In this video, the board members sat still and allowed the arrest to take place.  I don’t know if that’s evidence that this particular park board is naturally wimpy, or if government is getting the idea that the the “natives” are not only “restless,” but increasingly knowledgeable concerning the law and therefore dangerous.

video    00:01:22


Written story and similar but longer and better video at 5 NBC Chicago:


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My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

Cliven Bundy [courtesy Google Images]

Cliven Bundy
[courtesy Google Images]

The Cliven Bundy standoff has apparently ended.  The Bureau of Land Management has withdrawn all of its helicopters, vehicles and hit men.  At least for now.

If the BLM comes after Bundy again, they’ll do a blitzkrieg and come so fast there won’t be time for the public to rally around Bundy. The BLM will probably start by cutting off the surrounding cellphone towers so no one will be able to call for help or broadcast live images of the raid and government brutality.  If the government kills anyone or burns their home to the ground, cutting off those cellphone towers (or otherwise seizing or disabling cell phones) will be evidence of government’s intent to commit murder–1st degree, cold-blooded, premeditated murder–without leaving any telltale digital evidence of their crime.

Nevertheless, for now, it’s time for the Bundys and all of their supporters to celebrate–and pray.

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Robert “Boomer” Steed Addresses Connecticut Legislature on Gun Control

The Connecticut state legislature is considering bills to outlaw the possession of “assault rifles” and large capacity magazines.  Here’s a video of one man’s testimony to the legislature on that subject. Boomer Steed makes some nice points, but so does at least one State Legislator who makes clear that people like Mr. Steed are not only being heard, but they’re also making a difference.

The point is that resistance is not futile and, in fact, may even be effective.

My points are that 1) we have both the opportunity and an obligation to resist and 2) we can expect to make a positive difference if we will stand up in a persistent and public manner.

video  00:06:42


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Natural Law vs National Emergency

Ernie Wayne Tertelgte [courtesy Google Images]

Ernie Wayne Tertelgte
[courtesy Google Images]

Keith Johnson is a journalist who writes for the American Free Press.  He recently asked to interview me about a recent court “victory” by a Montana “mountain man” named Ernie Wayne Tertelgte.  You can see an 8-minute video of Mr. Tertelgte’s courtroom conflict at

Because I only use Skype, Keith Johnson couldn’t call me.  Therefore, he sent an email to me that posed some questions concerning the Tertelgte courtroom strategy.

Here’s his email and then my response:

Mr. Adask

Thank you for your timely reply.  I’ve been an admirer of your work for many years.  I regularly read your blog and have enjoyed your radio shows and guest appearances on the Alex Jones Show and Cost to Coast.

I’ve written several pieces for Alex Jones’ Infowars before being hired as a writer for American Free Press, where I contribute one article per week.

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