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Government Controls Google?

Jus' folks at Google! [courtesy Google Images]

Jus’ the friendly folks at Google!
[courtesy Google Images]

One aspect of the internet–and, especially, Google–that flat-out amazes me is the ability to write virtually any question into the search engine and get an extensive list of articles that answer my question.

I’m not just talking about typing “Kentucky” into the search engine and getting a list of articles on Kentucky.  I’m talking about asking specific questions like “How many members in Congress?” or “How many meters in a mile?” and getting an instant answers (“435” and “1,609.34”)–not just a list of articles that might hold the answer.

I’m even talking about asking “fuzzy” questions like “How many States have legalized marijuana?” and getting an instant list of articles that can be researched in just a few more minutes of my time.

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JFK Speech on Government Secrecy

Back in the 1960s, I was just a kid and I supported Barry Goldwater.  I didn’t think much of John F. Kennedy.  I didn’t have anything against him other than the fact that he was  Democrat and I was a Republican.  But, over the years, my appreciation for JFK’s speaking ability and for the quality of his speeches has only grown.

The first six minutes of the following video are of JFK speaking.  I find his speech inspirational.  Not every visual image that’s included on this video with JFK’s speech strikes me as reasonable or even appropriate–but the sound and content of the speech itself strike me as a magnificent declaration of American principles and as a prescient indictment of today’s “National Secrecy Agency”.

If JFK were still alive, I can imagine how he might cheer for today’s internet and the whistle-blowers.

The last five minutes of the video (after JFK finished his speech), don’t inspire me.  But, those last five minutes are at least interesting and relevant.

JFK wasn’t perfect but he was one of two presidents in my memory who may have actually given a damn about this country. Reagan was the other.  Both were shot.  The rest of our recent presidents have been nothing but slick-talking con-artists who didn’t give a damn about The United States of America.

video   00:10:55


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This Guy’s a Real American Hero

Edward Snowden has admitted to being the source of a recent, massive leak of government secrets to the public.

I’m much surprised to hear him speak.  He’s not only brilliant–which, all by itself is very rare–he’s also an extraordinarily-gifted communicator. And most extraordinarily, he has a real sense of ethics and values for which he’s prepared to lay down his life. He has real integrity. Character.  He belongs in Congress or perhaps even the White House rather than in hiding in Hong Kong. He appears to be as fine a man as America has ever produced. And, of course–as such–he is a natural target for arrest, or worse, by government.

video   00:12:35


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