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Two Million Views

To view--or not to view?  THAT is the question. [courtesy Google Images]

To view–or not to view? THAT is the question.
[courtesy Google Images]

I just looked at the “stats” page for this blog and noticed that somewhere in the last week or two, the number of “views” exceeded two million.  As I write, the number is 2,002,091.  That’s not big time in the modern internet age where some blogs or websites pull in hundreds of thousands (and perhaps millions) of views per day.

Still, I’m pleased.  I wish it was more, but I’m grateful and even a little amazed to have garnered that many views.

The internet is so enormous and offers millions of videos, audios, radio shows, articles and images that the competition for any audience is extraordinary and fierce.  Each one of you have millions of possible internet sites to view at any given moment. Therefore, anyone who can attract and hold even a small audience is, these days, accomplishing an almost miraculous feat.

I’m certainly grateful for every reader who “views” my blog–except the trolls, of course.

Actually, I don’t mind the trolls viewing my blog because, heck, they might learn something.  I do mind their comments, but you sometimes have to take the sour with the sweet.

In any case, I’d like to say Thanks to all of my readers for your “views”.


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