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Will Trump FIGHT while the rest just SUCK?

Leftist Threatens Trump Supporters with Violence [courtesy Google Images]

Leftist Threatens Trump Supporters with Violence
[courtesy Google Images]

Today, March 15th, voters in five states (Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida) will decide which candidates they’ll support in their State’s primary elections.  The two big primaries—Ohio and Florida—are winner-take-all on the GOP side.  That means whichever Republican wins in those states, wins all of those state’s delegates.

Florida and Ohio are the home states of Marco Rubio and John Kasich.  If they don’t win their home states, their 2016 campaigns and perhaps their entire political careers will be finished.

If Trump wins Florida and/or Ohio, and gains all if their delegates, his path to the 1,237 delegates required to clinch the nomination becomes much easier, Ted Cruz’s chances become less likely and every other Republican candidate’s chances becomes nearly impossible.

But today’s election is about much more than delegate numbers.  After the leftists’ attempt to disrupt last week’s Trump rally in Chicago, there’s also a big question about violence.


•  For example, according to The Washington Times, (“Moveon.Org raising funds from Trump protests, warns more disruptions to come”),


“Moveon.Org is conducting fundraising activities from the Chicago protests against Donald Trump that prompted the Republican presidential front-runner to cancel a rally there Friday, and promises that more disruptions are on the way.”

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“Government is Inherently Good”?!!

Harry Reid (D-NV), United States Senator from ...

Harry Reid (D-NV), Majority Leader of the United States Senate–THE FACE OF BIG GOVERNMENT  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Washington Times recently reported (“Harry Reid:  ‘Government is Inherently Good’”) that,


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he can’t understand why the tea party remains popular, given its similarity to the anarchist movement and its steadfast opposition to the ‘inherently good’ government.”

“Inherently good government”?

“Inherently good government”?! 

Are you kidding me?!!

Has Senator Reid lost his mind?  Is he becoming overwhelmed by his sense of guilt?  Or is he merely so ignorant that he doesn’t understand that this country started with the presumption that government was a “necessary evil” wherein the “necessary” was often debatable, but the “evil” was virtually certain?

George Washington implied the inherently wicked nature of government when he said, “Government, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”  Washington surely didn’t see government as “inherently good”.  He saw it as, at best, a dangerous servant.  At best.  Necessary, perhaps.  But always dangerous.

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