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“Frivolous” Study Guide

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This is another of my “study guides”.  It’s not an “article” in the sense that it has a beginning, middle and end.  It doesn’t start with a proposition and offer evidence to prove that proposition.

It’s an exploration of some relevant information (including Supreme Court cases) concerning the meaning of the word “frivolous”.

The word “frivolous” is important because the courts routinely and summarily dismiss claims and arguments (especially by litigants appearing without attorneys) as “frivolous”.  Such dismissals are often incomprehensible to the litigant because he does not understand the meaning of “frivolous” and no judge or attorney is likely to offer an explanation.

This study guide simply offers about 7,000 words worth of research into the meaning of “frivolous”.  This study guide does not arrive at a definitive meaning for “frivolous,” but it does expand our understanding enough where we may be able to prevent the courts from subjecting us to summary dismissals for being “frivolous”.

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