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Notes on Names

Some people (including me) suspect that an all-upper-case name (like “ALFRED ADASK”) may signify an estate, an account or some sort of legal fiction that is an entity completely different from that of a man whose proper name is capitalized (like “Alfred Adask”). This theory has been around since the early 1990s (I should know, I started it with the “evil twin” series in the AntiShyster News Magazine). However, the theory has never been proven. Nor has it been disproven. The issue remains unresolved.

However, if the upper-case vs capitalized name hypothesis were proven valid, it would shatter much of the foundation for modern, non-constitutional “government”. After all, virtually every government ID is issued in an all-upper-case name (like “ADASK”) rather than the proper name of a man (“Adask”). If it was proved that the upper-case names (“ADASK”) were fictions and the licenses and other ID were being issued to such fictions, then we’d have proof that, as men (who were not engaged in commerce), we might have no obligation to obtain such licenses or ID.

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Posted by on July 21, 2008 in Fictions, In Personam Jurisdiction, Summons