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Robot Blitzkrieg

Robot8blitzkrieg /blits-krēɡ/ noun an intense military campaign intended to bring about a swift victory.”

24hGOLD (“How many Jobs Do Robots Destroy?”) wrote:

How many jobs do robots – whether mechanical robots or software – destroy? Do these destroyed jobs get replaced by the Great American Economy with better jobs? That’s the big discussion these days.

So far, the answers have been soothing. Economists cite the industrial revolution [A.D. 1760 to 1840]. At the time, most humans replaced by machines found better paid, more productive, less back-breaking jobs. Productivity soared and, despite some big dislocations, society prospered. Some say the same principle applies today.”

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Mobile Only Banking


A Hand-held Revolution [courtesy Google Images]

A Hand-held Revolution
[courtesy Google Images]

I’m not a real-estate student or investor.  Nevertheless, the following video was produced from a real estate agent’s perspective by the NREP (National Real Estate Post).  The video describes an ongoing revolution that involves “smart phones” and “mobile only banks”.

According to the video, there are now ten banks in the world that are “mobile only”.  That means these banks have no vaults, no tellers, no ATMs, or branch offices.  You can’t even access these banks by means of your desktop computer.  They are only accessible by means of smart phones.

As I said, “mobile only” banking marks a revolution.  This revolution points towards a purely digital, global currency.  The question is, can this “revolution” withstand the dangers of digital currency, digital banking and hackers?

video     00:06:20



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One “Big Brother” vs. Millions of “Little Brothers”

Yes, he is.  But "Little Brothers" are also watching him. [courtesy Google Images]

Yes, he is. But “Little Brothers” are also watching him.
[courtesy Google Images]

In A.D. 1949, George Orwell published his novel 1984—a dystopian view of the future. Mr. Orwell’s most frightening prediction was that “Big Brother” would install video/audio monitors in each of our homes and workplaces to constantly spy on all of us, to ensure that we didn’t deviate from the “party line”. We would always be subject to government surveillance and never have a moment of privacy for ourselves.

Orwell’s prediction was about 35 years premature. So far as I know, government has not yet installed its own video or audio recording devices in my home. Still, if you’re like me, you probably have a video camera mounted on top of your computer screen, and you wonder from time to time if the government has secretly turned it on to spy on you.

Maybe our concerns about privacy are evidence of paranoia. Maybe they’re prudent. In either case, it’s nearly undeniable that even if government hasn’t yet used our own video cameras to spy on us, it has spied on our credit card expenses, telephone and cellphone conversations, email, websites, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

There’s no question that, every day, government uses ever-more sophisticated technology to spy on us. Orwell was right. Big Brother is watching all of us.

But Orwell was also wrong in that he did not foresee that the same technology that allowed Big Brother to spy on all of us, would also become so cheap and ubiquitous that virtually all of us—the millions of “little brothers”—could also spy on Big Brother.

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Things To Come: Flyboard

French jet ski champion and inventor, Franky Zapata, tests his “Flyboard”.

For the moment, this machine will only fly for a maximum of 10 minutes.  But you can see where this is going.  Most of us will live long enough to see a moment when some sort of personal, flying transportation is no only possible, but even practical.  We live in extraordinary times.

If I were 40 years younger . . . .  To heck with the 40 years–I want one!

video  00:02:24


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Digital Ventriloquism

Our Next President? [courtesy of Google Images]

Our Next President?
[courtesy of Google Images]

Milli Vanilli was a famous, two-man signing act in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  Their fame turned to infamy when the two performers confessed that they didn’t actually sing any of the vocals heard on their records and lip-synced their live performances. They sang, they danced, they moved their mouths–but they didn’t really sing the songs we heard.

Twenty years ago, that deception was big news.  The American public was shocked that any “performers” would dare to execute such a fraud.  And some Americans were amazed that that audio technology would allow such fraud.

Today, the audio technology that allowed Milli Vanilli to deceive America seems as old news as Photoshop.  Who’s surprised that digitized audio files or 2-dimensional images can be can be edited or used to deceive?  Virtually no one.  Fifth graders aren’t surprised or impressed by such technology.

But, who among us imagines that current video technology not only allows  the manipulation of digitized, moving video images in order to completely falsify the words seemingly spoken by the subject of the video–but also allows that manipulation to take place in real time?

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No More Shopping Carts?

Korea has opened the world’s first virtual shopping center. All the products are just LCD screens that allow you to order the items by touching the screen. When you get to the counter, your items are already bagged and ready to go.




Pretty cool.  No more shopping carts.

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9/11 Airplanes: Skyjacked by Hackers?

James Corbett resides in Japan and is the author of the Corbett Report.  I interview him on radio almost every Wednesday night for about 40 minutes.  That interview is rebroadcast at about 4:23 PM (Eastern) on the Financial Survival radio show on American Voice Radio.

James is a brilliant man and author of the following video “How To Steal an Airplane”.  This video explores the possibility that the airplanes flown into the Twin Towers and Pentagon on September 11th, A.D. 2001 had been hijacked by computer hackers outside the planes, rather than Muslims within the planes armed with box cutters.  The video is well-done, insightful and persuasive.

video   00:14:45


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