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First Principle: All Rights Flow From Title

Thomas Jefferson - Series of 1869 $2 bill

Thomas Jefferson – Series of 1869 $2 bill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“What follows is personal conjecture that I cannot prove and might contain fundamental errors.  But I’ve considered these possibilities for over a decade and I remain convinced that they’re at least interesting and possibly correct:

According to Bouvier’s Law Dictionary (1856 A.D.), all rights flow from title.

For example, my “right” to drive or sell my car, is based on my “title” to that car. So long as I have valid title, I have the right to drive or sell that car.  My “rights” to any property flow from my title to that property.

But since I lack title to your car, I have no right to drive it. If I attempt to drive or sell a car for which I have no title, I can be charged with a crime. The same is true for houses, computers or any other form of property. Rights flow from title.

Thus, if you have no title, you have no rights.  If you have diminished title, you have diminished rights.

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