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“Without Prejudice”: Reserving your Rights under the UCC

For most of 20 years, I’ve watched pro se litigants, tax resistors and legal reformers “reserve their rights” by writing some variety of “without prejudice” under the UCC .  I don’t doubt that a few of those “reservations” may have worked, but no more than 1 or 2%.   I’d say that at least 98% (if not 99%; if not 100%) of those reservations of rights had no discernable effect on gov-co or the case at hand.

I recently received an email containing a report that not only claims that the UCC reservation-of-rights strategy now works, but that it works so well that it can achieve “diplomatic immunity”.  There’s a lot of good information in that report, but I’m very wary of the fundamental conclusion.

In fact, after I read and analyzed the report, I understood for the first time why “reservaton of rights” strategies are largely irrelevant.  More, based on this understanding, I then realized that the fundamental issue is not your rights, but rather your duties.  In essence, you can reserve your rights all day and it will have no effect on your duties.

The email and my analysis are a fairly long read.  But if you’ll make the effort, I think you’ll see some new and hopefully valuable insights.  Click here to download the PDF file:  090806 UCC Remedy


Posted by on August 9, 2009 in Rights, UCC