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Economics: Mostly Math or Mostly Moral?

Institutionalized Injustice:  Fighting Over Unearned Wealth [courtesy Google Images]

Institutionalized Injustice: Fighting Over Unearned Wealth
[courtesy Google Images]

Financial Times:


“On Friday [Nov. 6, A.D. 2015] the Bank of Japan [BoJ] revised down its inflation and growth forecasts, and pushed back its expectation of hitting the 2 per cent inflation target to the end of next year. It seems likely, and indeed desirable, that the BoJ will be forced to expand its programme of quantitative easing [QE] before too long.”

QE is intended to cause more borrowing, more spending and more inflation in whichever country/economy that promotes it.  In the case of Japan, continued reliance on QE is strange since they’ve tried to use some version of QE for most of 25 years without much success.

Why does Japan continue to beat that dead horse?  Could it be because that’s the only horse they have?  Financial Times:

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Chris Martenson Wine Country Conference 2014- “The Coming Wealth Transfer”

Another video of Chris Martenson speaking on the coming economic collapse, the significance of energy (especially oil), water depletion, eco-system destruction, etc..

For the past six or eight years, my only hero has been John Williams at  I’m beginning to think that Chris Martenson might be my second hero. The man can communicate important ideas with simple language.

video   00:38:01


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Hillary claims she and Bill were “Dead Broke” when they left the White House

"Dead Broke" in ABC News

“Dead Broke” in ABC News

Hillary Clinton was recently interviewed by Diane Sawyer on ABC News.  When asked about her and Bill’s financial affairs, she claimed they were “dead broke and in debt” when they left the White House in A.D. 2001.  She claims that they had “mortgages to pay off,” had to pay for Chelsea’s college education, and “it wasn’t easy”.

That’s interesting because Bill Clinton earned $400,000 a year as President.  He and his family received free room and board, free travel, free use of the presidential limousine, free use of Air Force One, free vacations, probably some sort of clothing allowance and maybe even a free medical and dental plan.  So far as I can see, the only expenses they might’ve had to pay for out of their own pockets were the cost of feeding their dog “Buddy” and maybe the cost of Bill’s cigars.  But other than that, everyday life in the White House was presumably free and clear for the President, his wife and daughter.

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Wealth Inequality in America

I believe the primary cause for wealth inequality is political campaign contribution laws.  These laws allow Congressmen to take bribes (political campaign contributions) from rich people to pass laws to allow the super-rich to “legally” exploit the middle- and lower-economic classes and legally “extort” their productivity.

Over 90% of the American people are “sensitive” to the idea of wealth inequality and agree that the inequality is wrong.  This implies that wealth inequality is going to be a huge political issue in the near future.  The political impact probably won’t be felt in this year’s election.  But if there’s no real economic “recovery” in the next two years, come A.D. 2016, this issue could be decisive and even explosive.  Although both political parties are guilty of taking bribes to enrich the super-rich, wealth inequality is an issue that could damage and even cripple the Republican Party in A.D. 2016.

video  00:06:23


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