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Alex Jones Confronts the “Young Turks” at the RNC

Alex Jones receives his fair share of criticism.  Some of it’s right, some wrong.  But you can’t fault Jones for a lack of balls.  He’s like Trump, in that regard–they both like to fight; they both thrive in the midst of conflict.  If there’s a hornets nest that needs stirring, call Jones or Trump. Makes me laugh.

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Alex’s Best?

The first 4:25 of this video might be the best on-air work Alex Jones has ever done.

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Alex Jones: Boston Bombings–The Biggest Thing, Ever

Boston Marathon Bombing

Boston Marathon Bombing (Photo credit: hahatango)

If Alex Jones is right, videos of the Boston bombings offer evidence suggesting that:

1) the Boston bombings were a false flag operation, possibly perpetrated by US Navy Seals; and if so,

2) the damn-fool perpetrators didn’t have brains enough to commit a terrorist act without “uniforms” that identified them as Seals.

I find the first suggestion to be possible.

I find the second suggestion to be improbable–but still possible.  Could a group of Seals really be dumb enough to perpetrate a terrorist act while dressed in a common “uniform”?


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My Recent Interview on Alex Jones

August 28th, A.D. 2012   Alex Jones




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Prescription Drugs Cause More Deaths than Illegal Drugs

English: Alex Jones outside Bilderberg meeting...

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Alex Jones

Makes perfect sense.




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Radio host and documentary film maker Alex Jones

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Alex Jones claims that World War III may  begin in September or October.  The alleged purpose for this war is to divert public attention from  a coming financial collapse.

Endless war for endless peace?




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Vice President Joe Biden L'68

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President Obama (our 44th President) recently spoke at the graduation ceremony for Miami-Dade College.  The Miami Herald provided videos and a report on his speech at

Curiously, at the bottom of that article, the Miami Herald quoted President Obama as follows:

I’m only going to be president a little bit longer,” Obama said. “You are going to be leaders for many years to come.

Hmph.  “I’m only going to be president a little bit longer“? How freakin’ odd.

Is that simply a misstatement?  (Did somebody turn off the teleprompter and allow Obama to start ad-libbing again?) Was Obama speaking from an historical perspective where he presumes he’ll be reelected in A.D. 2012 but still regarded serving “only” until A.D 2016 to be “only a little bit longer”?

Or, when Obama said that he expected to serve “only a little bit longer”–did he really mean that he expected to be removed from office in the next several months?

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