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US Military: War Without Constitutional Authority?

United States Senate election in Alabama, 1996

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According to Wikipedia, “The 2009 U.S. military budget accounts for approximately 40% of global arms spending. The 2012 budget is 3-4 times larger than the 240 billions of the military budget of China . . . and is more than the next twenty largest military spenders combined.”

In the first three years under the Obama administration, we’ve been involved in at least three wars (Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya).  We are probably already involved covertly in a 4th “war” in Syria.  And we are likely to soon be involved in a 5th:  Iran.

That’s quite a record for a President that won the Nobel Peace Prize.

When it comes to war, we be busy.  Why?  Because there’s big money to made in war.  As a result, America has become the world’s principle war-monger and our national motto might be changed from “In God We Trust” to “Better Living Through War” (or, if you’re a George Orwell fan, “War is Peace”).

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The United States of America vs the United States

The Articles of Confederation, ratified in 178...

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I received a comment elsewhere on this blog that asked for an analysis of the difference between “The United States of America” and “United States”.  I replied as follows:

As I understand it, the word “constitution” signifies a document that originally creates, incorporates or “constitutes” some new entity.  We say “The Constitution of the United States,” but the same text might just as easily have been entitled “The Charter of the United States” or “The Incorporation Papers of the United States”.  As I understand it, the instrument entitled “The Constitution of the United States” is the document that “constituted” the entity named “United States”.

Note that even though a document that performs the function of  “constituting” or creating a new entity, that document need not be expressly named “The Constitution of [That Entity]”.  It could have an name that never used the word “constitution” but still performed the function of “constituting” a new entity.

We’re all familiar with the federal “Constitution”.  There’s a problem with that document.  The author’s never attached an explicit title at the top of that document and so there’s some confusion about its proper name.  Some think that document is properly named “The Constitution of the United States”.  Some say, “The Constitution of The United States of America.”  Others say, “The Constitution for the United States of America”.

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Obama Advocates “Prolonged Detention”

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Here’s an 8 minute video wherein President Obama: 1) castigates the Bush administration for making a mess of our legal principles; and 2) advocates that the Obama administration have the power to detain people without trial indefinitely (a power without any constitutional foundation). The speech is equally laced with hypocrisy and irony.

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