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President Obama–Stop “Helping” Us!

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

A recent article in The New York Times (“Obama Will Seek Broad Expansion of Overtime Pay”) reports that,

 “President Obama this week will seek to force American businesses to pay more overtime to millions of workers, the latest move by his administration to confront corporations that have had soaring profits even as wages have stagnated.

“On Thursday, the president will direct the Labor Department to revamp its regulations to require overtime pay for several million additional fast-food managers, loan officers, computer technicians and others whom many businesses currently classify as “executive or professional” employees to avoid paying them overtime, according to White House officials briefed on the announcement.”

The rationale for this increase is probably the belief that if people’s incomes rise, they spend more and theoretically stimulate the economy.

But, on the other hand, if corporate labor costs rise, either corporate profits fall and/or prices go up.  If prices rise, the economy tends to slow.

So what will happen?  By raising some employee’s incomes, will we stimulate or slow the economy?

Answer:  That’s the wrong question.

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Senator Harry Reid: “People who don’t believe in government are winning”!!!

"People who don't believe in (unconstitutional) government" [courtesy Google Images]

“People who don’t believe in (unconstitutional) government”
[courtesy Google Images]

The following video fills me with glee.

Poor Senator Reid.  He seems so forlorn. So discouraged.  He’s as distraught as a little kid who didn’t get any presents for his birthday.  He can’t get a lousy energy bill passed.  He, the Senate Majority Leader, is no longer in control.  He looks utterly defeated.

And I say Hooray!

Reid laments that the “anarchists” have taken over the Senate and the House.  By “anarchists,” Sen. Reid means those Tea Party members elected to Congress who will no longer “go along to get along” and “just follow orders”.  By “anarchists,” Reid means those Senators and Congressmen who may be more interested in increasing American Freedoms than expanding government power and police state.  People in favor of Liberty have gained sufficient influence in Congress to at least slow Big Government.  Reid seems ready to weep.

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What Kind of Government Comes Next?

Ann Barnhardt

Ann Barnhardt

The “sovereign debt crisis” simultaneously afflicts the US government and the governments of a significant number of other major nations/economies.  In essence, the “sovereign debt crisis” means that a “sovereign” (a government) is so deep in debt that it can’t possibly pay all of its bills.  That means that such governments are insolvent and technically bankrupt.

What happens if such governments actually default and become overtly bankrupt?  That’s hard to imagine, but it might mean that the alleged “sovereign” wouldn’t merely be embarrassed but might actually cease to exist.  What would replace it?

What happens when governments are so prone to pushing more regulations and a greater police state, that their people come to loath their own governments?  Would a people who’ve come to loath their own government be more open to some other entity that sought to replace their constitutional governments?  Is the modern police state intended to increase the powers of government?  Or is it secretly intended to so alienate the people that they’ll come to hate constitutional government and cheer its destruction?

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