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Mandatory Euthanasia for Senior Citizens

Euthanasia for the Elderly (courtesy Google Images)

Euthanasia for the Elderly
(courtesy Google Images)

This post is probably “much ado about nothing”.  It’s an overreaction to a video that’s a spoof; a joke. The video is kinda like Jay Leno’s “Streetwalking All-Stars” except, here, six or eight morons have been approached and asked to sign a petition supporting euthanasia for old folks in order to cut health care costs.  Amazingly, shockingly, they nod their heads wisely and quickly sign the petition.

I have no idea how many people rejected this petition.  I’d hope that for every one who signed this petition, there were one hundred (at least) who rejected it. But I can’t help thinking that finding the six or eight signatories was achieved without too much trouble.  If so, this video makes me wince.

First, the video implies that American youth (and middle age) have little empathy for the elderly–or little realization that they, too, will soon be elderly.  That lack of empathy suggests the basis for a class war of sorts which could make the elderly “targets” for the young.  Being a senior citizens, I can’t say that I’m pleased by this possibility.  More, I’m actually a little angry at the morons who are willing to subject me to euthanasia to cut health care costs.

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