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Pass the Pills!

Various pills

Various pills (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Big Pharma is not here to help you overcome disease.  Instead, Big Pharma is here to entrap you–even addict you–into becoming a drug-dependent, life-long customer.

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Prescription Drugs Cause More Deaths than Illegal Drugs

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Alex Jones

Makes perfect sense.




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The Drugs I Need

i take drugs

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A friend sent a link (below) to a video describing our “brave, new pharmaceutical world”.  He also commented on the drug business:

“There are 2 kinds of dope dealers.  There are those  that work out of the streets of slums and wear Air Jordon tennis shoes.  There are those that work out of offices and wear white coats.

“The difference is that the ones with the Air Jordons are unlicensed, don’t take Medi-Care or insurance and only sell for cash.   They don’t pay taxes either.  The ones with the white coats have licenses, pay taxes, charge more for their dope, seldom take cash and collect most of their sales from the government and insurance companies.

“Soma must be the generic name for Progenitorivox.”

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Big Pharma Executive Blows the Whistle

Eli Lilly (1885 1977), third company president.

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Dr. John Rengen Virapen claims to be a former executive for Eli Lilly & Co. He claims to have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 35 years.  He admits that his hands are as dirty as the remainder in the industry.  He describes the pharmaceutical industry as “evil” and claims that pharmaceutical companies kill more people than all the wars of the world.

Five years ago, I discovered the “man or other animals” definitions of “drugs” and medical “devices” in the United States Code and Texas Code.  (See, “Man or Other Animals #1” and/or “Man or Other Animals #3–Genocide“.)  These definitions indicate that the government regards us all as “animals” rather than “men made in God’s image” (Genesis 1:26-28) and “endowed by [our] Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” (“Declaration of Independence”)

So far, the earliest instance of the “man or other animals” declaration that I’ve found is in Section 6 of the A.D. 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act. That means that the Government of the United States has regarded, you, me, your parents and mine, our children, etc. as nothing but animals, livestock, for over a century.

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Cocaine Economy?

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Did Mexican drug cartels trigger the A.D. 2008 recession by withdrawing their laundered money from major U.S. banks?  Without access to drug money, did the banks become illiquid and trigger the recession?

Max Keiser says Yes.

The implications of the banking system’s (and the economy’s) dependence upon laundered drug money are fantastic.

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Worth listening to more than once.

Here’s the orignal article from the UK Guardian:


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