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Edward Snowden for Senator!

Earlier this month, TIME magazine considered eight nominees for their “Person of the Year” award. Edward Snowden (who famously released the NSA computer files that exposed the NSA’s domestic and international spying apparatus) was one of those nominees. None of the other nominees had as much national and international impact in A.D. 2013 ad Edward Snowden. Nevertheless, TIME awarded “Person of the Year” to the Pope Francis.

It occurs to me that we might correct TIME’s oversight if people started write-in campaigns for electing Edward Snowden to the office of US Senator in each of the roughly 33 States that will be electing Senators in A.D. 2014.

Since Snowden is 30 years old, he’s eligible to run for Senator.  If write-in movements were attempted in 33 (?) States, it’s not impossible that Snowden might not only be elected Senator in one of those States–he might even be elected in two, three or more of those States.

There might be some State citizenship problems to overcome.  Still, wouldn’t that be something if Snowden received the most votes for the office of Senator in any State and perhaps even in several States?  I doubt that the gov-co would be pleased.

Part of the reason I suggest that write-in movements be attempted is Snowden’s brief Christmas message in the following video.  I already knew he had courage.  I knew he had integrity and intelligence.  But I see in the following video that he’s also a competent public speaker.  Based on his performance in this video, I believe Snowden could be elected to high office

Of course, even if Snowden won office, his circumstances are such that he might never be able to occupy that office.  Still, the political impact of electing Snowden to the office of U.S. Senator would be huge, hilarious and infuriating for NSA and the gov-co.  Snowden’s election(s) might send a powerful message from all who despise the currently corrupt political system.

I like the idea.  It’s whimsical, humorous, serious and intriguing.  If it went viral, who can say?  Edward Snowden might be elected to the office of U.S. Senator.

video     00:01:44


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Death by a Thousand Leaks

Government Employees  (Courtesy Google Images)

Government Employees (Courtesy Google Images)

In A.D. 2010, Pfc. Bradley Manning was arrested and charged with leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks.

Currently, former CIA and NSA employee Edward Snowden is being pursued by the US government for also having leaked information exposing the government’s massive surveillance programs directed against the people of the United States and of foreign countries.

The revelations and scandals surrounding these leaks have infuriated significant portions of the US and EU and set the US government reeling.

Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey recently reacted by saying NSA leaker Snowden’s disclosures about U.S. surveillance programs have undermined U.S. relationships with other countries and affected what he calls “the importance of trust.”

General Dempsey implied that the loss of foreign nation’s trust in the US government was not caused by the actual spying on foreign nations, but rather on Snowden’s disclosure of the spying.

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Max Keiser Explains Significance of Edward Snowden’s “Leak”

Max Keiser on France24

Max Keiser (Photo credit: Stacy Herbert)

Twitching, rumpled and passionate, Max Keiser explains the deeper significance of Edward Snowden’s recent intelligence leaks.  It’s not about national security.  Keiser implies that Snowden has revealed evidence of a fascist market-rigging operation that’s ultimately funding America’s secret government–a corporate plutocracy.

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Just Following Orders . . . .



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